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  1. Obviously I was looking for Cocoa and their district would be pure hell for travel. lol
  2. Never said the system was great and no need to be a dick for someone stating something I would guess most people agree with.
  3. 1. They shafted themselves, dont blame the system. 2. It doesnt matter in any other region except the one Cocoa is in 3. 95% of any fan base is dumb
  4. And they built that schedule full well knowing the game. They could have easily built in their "old district" to secure their playoff spot but chose not to.
  5. 1. Never singled you out at all. 2. If they did lose all those games they would probably still make it in. 3. And even if they didn't I wouldn't be crying over not making it, I would be upset they lost all those games not mad at the system.
  6. I wonder if any of the people that are crying about teams making the playoff by beating teams not in their division are the same people crying about BTW not making the playoffs; even though BTW didnt play a single 4A team.
  7. Because that's the point of scheduling games? Pick tough teams you think you can beat. I guarantee you will never see a state champion under this new playoff system play all "shit teams" in the regular season.
  8. Dont really know why people are complaining about teams being incentivized to play tougher schedules and give everyone better games. Guess everyone wouldnt want Cocoa vs Pahokee or Cocoa vs TCA but rather get Cocoa vs Cocoa Beach and Cocoa vs P.K. Yonge.
  9. So you are fine with teams with horrendous records making it into the playoffs?
  10. Wow Cocoa has wins at 11, 17, 47, 53, and 65. Can see why you hold Cocoa in high standing.
  11. Just wondering, but why does everyone think losing on average by 12.2 points and having wins over 3 teams combined 7-15 still makes them good? Sincere question.
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