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  1. Vero 27 Pahokee 20

    Can You explain how Vero got their points? Vero only scored because PK gave them a short field. They didn't have one point that didn't come off a turnover. Stop playing the IF game. Vero's defense had alot to do with Pahokee's inability to get points. But Vero's offense struggled more against Pahokee's D.
  2. Vero 27 Pahokee 20

    Vero is a decent football team with a good defense, They capitalized on turnovers. Pahokee did very little on offense. Special teams and defense kept them in the game. Vero is not a top 10 team in the state of Florida. If they are, then Pahokee has to be top 25. Honest observation!!!!
  3. Pinkos has Vero as a 21 point favorite over Pahokee

    3 turnovers Pahokee 13-6 Vero
  4. Pinkos has Vero as a 21 point favorite over Pahokee

    The weather may also be in Pahokee's favor tonight. Bad weather is better suited for a ground game over an air attack!! The forecast calls for p.m. showers. It's raining already....
  5. Pinkos has Vero as a 21 point favorite over Pahokee

    Can someone explain how is Pahokee "watered down"???
  6. Pinkos has Vero as a 21 point favorite over Pahokee

    Well Pahokee is as urban as they come, "I GUESS". Guess it may be a good game after all!
  7. Pinkos has Vero as a 21 point favorite over Pahokee

    Pahokee played Atlantic even, they had timely miscues that cost them the game. If they clean up that aspect of their game, they will be tough to beat. Vero is pass heavy, which gives Pahokee a good chance to stay in the game. Their secondary is very opportunistic. The opportunities will be there, so let's see how this game goes. I really don't see Vero winning by 21, but it could happen. It could just as easily be a 21 point loss for Vero too. It's almost Friday and the excitement is growing!!!
  8. Vero will put 40 on Pahokee

    Vero is a very good ball club. Pahokee is a good team, I really don't expect a blow out. Turnovers and Special Teams will play a major part in the outcome of the game.
  9. Vero will put 40 on Pahokee

    They scored 28, we scored 13!!!!! THEY WON!!!!
  10. Vero will put 40 on Pahokee

  11. Vero will put 40 on Pahokee

    He's one play away from being your starter!!!!
  12. Vero will put 40 on Pahokee

    Maybe they will, As long as Pahokee scores 41 that will be fine with me! I think Vero was better last year, had the huge back Dixon that went to Syracuse.He pretty much carried Vero in that game. He's gone so you will have to depend heavily on that passing game, which is really good but plays to the strength of any muck city team, which is athlete vs athlete. Should be entertaining though. Let's play the game and go from there. 561_Fan you failed to mention that our starting quarterback didn't play which kept our defense on the field!
  13. Atlantic @Pahokee

    The Qb comes back this week, he's taller, has a cannon and is pin point accurate. Can't wait to see him friday!!!!
  14. Atlantic @Pahokee

    I'm thinking Pahokee beats Atlantic if the starting Qb and starting Rb plays. Either way, they showed heart against a good 8a ball club. I think the one bad call where the kid clearly calls fair catch and the Atlantic player hits him and scopes and scores was huge for Atlantics victory.
  15. OT: Miami vs Florida state

    UF vs LSU has been postponed not FSU.
  16. OT: Miami vs Florida state

    UM didn't dominate GT, they won by 2 scores the same 2 scores GT offense gave UMs D. So i would say that the game wasn't the cakewalk that u suggest it was!!!!Dalvin was slowed by Ole Miss and FSU threw for 400+,Domination???? I doubt it.
  17. OT: Miami vs Florida state

    True!!!! I heard that they are considering moving the game to Tampa
  18. OT: Miami vs Florida state

    Really don't know how good UM is. I'm thinking if Miami had to played FSUs schedule they would have fairied no better than the Noles!!!! If FSU would've played UMs opponents they too would be undefeated!!!!

    Great win for PK vs a good Boca team. I tip my cap to them.6-0 and the beat goes on......

    Pahokee is better this year, way more weapons. They only lost 2 starters on Offense. No skill guys are 2 way players, only lineman. Much better line play. Last year's team was decent, this one is better

    Miami Central depth would wear Pahokee down. I think I would be close until the middle of the third and then the wheels would come off

    Are u speaking of Miami Central, Fort Pierce Central, Palm Beach Central????
  23. Will Palm Beach Lakes beat Dwyer this year????

    That's your opinion and your entitled to it, check back in 6 weeks and we will know more about both teams!!!!!
  24. Will Palm Beach Lakes beat Dwyer this year????

    When is the LAST TIME PBL BLASTED PAHOKEE, HILARIOUS!!!!!!! For that matter Blast anybody, they squeeked wins on 2 teams, show me a convincing win before you can say that you would blast anybody because I haven't seen it yet!!!!!