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  1. Them boys made a statement in Vegas! I was wrong gotta give them their props.
  2. To see weather like this in Vegas is crazy! Game might not start till 1130 12 eastern time.
  3. Hope everyone has buckled down and did the necessary things to prepare for Irma... Pray you and your families stay safe through this storm. With that said lets get into this matchup. As a Northwestern Bull alum I can almost never root for Central rockets. Like it or not that's just the way it is lol. However I think this game might be closer than I initially thought it would be. Central has a good dline and great depth at rb... also Perriman at Wr is dangerous with the ball in his hands. I just don't think Central oline is that good as years past and there lbs (besides hicks) and secondary is
  4. So basically you respect ones decision to support or not support a team got it. But wait if i support and out of town team that plays IMG you don't respect that? Now I'm confused... That's like saying i can't only pull for Florida teams no matter what one any level... Seems there is some contradiction here. By the way I'm pulling for Gorman tonight...
  5. I agree... Yeah if central could run block them they have a chance as well. Centennial line not that big and was getting pressure on that qb alot.... it was the big plays and their 3rd string playing that did them in.
  6. They don't look that impressive to me. They tied up at 10 against backup QB... Centennial much smaller than I thought... Their oline not that good... can't wait til 9/30 when they play the west...
  7. I'm sure it will...I'm watching it on fox go app..
  8. I like Centennial tonight with the get back game. They still have bitter taste in their mouth from last years game.
  9. I watch some of this game last night... The game against central will be closer than I initially stated but Gorman will still win at home in my opinion.. Centrals coaching and oline will be major factor...
  10. NW was inside Columbus 10 yrd line about to score when game was called..
  11. Game highlights Watch "Week Two: Booker T. Washington vs. Miami Central" on YouTube https://youtu.be/vBCuEUw_fCA
  12. No doubt! Alot of good football talk last night.
  13. The 2 td drops by 7 from btw hurt. I said central not as good as some are led to believe. And centrals coaches seems to always try and find the hard way to win. The oline is still a wrk in progress and secondary is suspect... if coaches don't get it together it will be ugly next week. Seems as if BTW lost the game more than central won it tonight but they will be fine come playoff time
  14. Booker T. Washington Vanguard AHP NW Trinity Christian Bartram tail Venice Apopka Chaminade Gonzaga
  15. Well just hit me up sometime during the day on Thursday if u going Zoe and I'll message u my info and we will link up.
  16. That's cool. I know if u do slide u sitting on Central side that's cool just hit me up.
  17. Yeah I can see it going that way too. Or BTW getting a stop late or turnover winning. Hope weather holds up because ill definitely be to this game. Points will definitely be put on the scoreboard.
  18. This Thursday at traz who u got? Central looked really impressive against Chaminade last week and roc nation is really feeling good about this team right now. While BTW had a bad game turnover wise with Richardson throwin 5 picks I believe and 2 were ran back for TDs which basically was the difference in the game 2 weeks ago against AHP. They did bounce back with a win against Dillard Friday. I feel this game can go either way. Centrals dline is really good and BTW will find it hard to run on their dline. Also central has stable of backs that they rotate so it will be interesting to see if the
  19. I don't feel Dillard better than none of the teams on that list. Simple as that. And even on a down year u can't compare Dillard to CC
  20. Let me ask u this..... Are there any other teams in this top 10 that are 0 and 1? I honestly don't kno. And if not they can't be no higher than 10 if on this list imo...I do feel university school should be ahead of them.
  21. I shouldve known u would find a way to keep Dillard in top 10 lol
  22. Since when? All i remember is u having a good feeling about game saying u like Dillard in upset. Unless u posted a last min change of heart
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