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  1. Yep looked it up and def had travesty wrong. Oh well wanted an opinion. Didn’t totally stay on topic, but got an opinion. Take care
  2. Ducked Cocoa. Played Cocoa in the kickoff classic 34-13 I believe, before they got rolling. Cocoa = Transfers. Merritt Island = No transfers. When I think of travesty I think of unexpected loss of life to a young person. Guess it’s all relative to different life experiences. But I guess you just shouldn’t take silly people seriously just as you wouldn’t get mad at a barking dog.
  3. Yes I was also very surprised they made it to the championship. But didn’t really answer the question…I’m just going to speculate by your response your answer is no chance even without transfers?? Also keep in mind. Just from an athlete/physical appearance standpoint it looked like Rockledge (which beat Deerfield) would beat Merritt Island….but MI easily handled them twice. Haha travesty…black eye…stain. Bit dramatic
  4. Miami Central is a force. Phenomenal athletes, fun to watch. But who wins this game with no transfers? Merritt Island players are from small Merritt Island. Not really a question that can be answered, but it’d be interesting to see how well teams do with homegrown talent ONLY. p.s. Yes I’m from brevard…but not specifically Merritt Island
  5. Any way to stream this game?
  6. My point being I’m not impressed Plant won. I’m impressed HOW they won this year...tough team. But I’m sure Plant doesn’t care about what some random from the other coast of FL thinks of them. Take care.
  7. Blah blah blah. I was a neutral spectator. I saw what I saw. It was clear. Fake cramps for one play come back in fine. Had no negative assumptions about Plant going into that game last year. No politics. Yes Vieras press box screwed up.
  8. You missed what I was saying...I was pleasantly surprised they played them straight up without shady tactics NOT surprised they won. Last year I attended this matchup without much care who won and was disgusted by the fake cramps play after play to slow The Viera offense. Being the only game I’d seen of Plants...I assumed that was just part of their game plan. Much more respect this year ✊
  9. Being from Brevard I chose attending this game over the Rockledge vs American Heritage game to see if Plant would pull the same shenanigans as last year. Though a Brevard County team didn’t win...I was pleasantly surprised Plant played them straight up without shady tactics and really demolished Viera in the second half. Hats off to them
  10. Yea. I had trouble believing 19 when I read it. Not cool to exaggerate. Not that my opinion means anything in the big picture...but you’ve got me convinced by your adamance the coaches weren’t orchestrating injuries. Glad I used “ifs” and never stated they were responsible. Still believe injuries were faked to slow the offense based on the circumstances, even if there was no coach involvement. Alright now I sound like a lawyer and I don’t want to do that. Have a good night
  11. You seem like a reasonable man and that does sound harsh. You’re right, not cool. Wasn’t trying to come across as a tough guy, just a little too abrasive I guess. That being said. I’m very passionate about football, played it for years and watched it my whole life. I’m not into debating and politics. I get too fired up. This is reminding me why I stay off forums. Take care and hydrate.
  12. If you’re calling me an “internet tough guy” you got me all wrong. You know nothing about that. Plus...what “tough guy” comment” did I make? That being said, I rarely post on social media. First time I’ve posted on a forum. I do know football and after watching this game I felt compelled to create an account and post what I saw. On a side note. I am very in tune with hydration. It’s a big part of my lifestyle as well as career. If they are having such severe cramping issues in that environment on a regular basis they should go see their physician. Could be a big deal.
  13. So you’re denying the coaches told them to flop. I hear you. But why were they going down so regularly in 65 degree weather? Only on defense? Only after successful plays? Have you asked the players? I’ve seen MANY H.S. Games. This was beyond bizzare if it was all a coincidence. Without a doubt altered the game. Yes, you did slow down an electric offense, with players laying on the field. I’m in no way associated with Viera. Though the other Plant guy thinks I’m biased, I’m not. You can’t be surprised to hear questions on whether Plant would have won straight up. Were we watching two different games?
  14. Totally agree with you. Plant is a winning program. That is why I was excited to see them play last night. But a winning program and an excellent program are two different things. I saw what I saw and there were ethical issues. Only time I’ve seen them play. Third time I’ve seen Viera play. Flopping isn’t cool. Wrong sport. Hopefully other schools don’t follow Plants lead. That could damage the sport if it catches on.
  15. Yes cramps do happen and I believe that is why the Viera fans clapped for the downed players the first few times. But....it only happened after a big play and only on defense. I’ve never been able to get interested in soccer due to flopping and I had to stop watching basketball for flopping. Some comments I overheard from the crowd were “have these kids been hydrating with coffee and whiskey all day” and a 7 year old who didn’t understand commented “wow that team is really delicate”. I did believe Plant was an excellent program...until last night.
  16. Not sure what happened at the field level. But the first 3 or 4 times the Viera side clapped for the “injured player”. After it became ridiculous as the game went on the crowd started booing. Obvious to all. If you’re going to say “just excuses” or “sour grapes” then you are blindly following your team and are being naive. It took a lot of the purity out of high school football and like I said earlier, I’ve never seen anything like it at the high school level. If the coaches are indeed telling these players to flop, they shouldn’t be role models.
  17. I’m not a Viera fan, so I’m not making excuses. I always wanted to watch a Plant game because of their winning program history. I’m very disappointed in what I saw...sad and disgraceful. Like I said obvious fake cramps. Wasn’t hot enough to lose that many electrolytes to cramp over and over again this deep in the season where everyone should be in football shape. So it’s either electrolyte imbalances from a serious health i.e. kidney disease, malnutrition in half the defense, or flopping. You made a confused face on my earlier post. Not sure what you’re confused about.
  18. Not a Viera fan, just an all around Florida high school football fan that lives in Brevard. Went to the game...wow what a lack of ethics from Plant. Do their coaches really teach these young men to throw away their integrity? Obvious fake cramping to stop momentum play after play in 65 degree weather. Never seen anything like it.
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