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  1. This is why the Pahokee v Baker game was as close as it was last year , the real championship game was the Madison / Pahokee semi final , last yr and this yr . Nobody in 1A comes close to these two teams .
  2. WRONG , Madison's blown opps kept them in the game but I will say probably the best tackling team Madison has seen , very impressed with Btown's LB's
  3. 35-20 and not that close ...... 2 td's called back and 2 missed fg's , one a 23 yarder . Madison ended by taking a knee on the Btown 2 , no need to score anymore . T. Henderson 225 yds rushing and 3 td's , way to go out !!!
  4. Teams have stacked the box against Madison all year , even Pahokee . It may slow em down early but it won't matter in the end .
  5. Btown is small compared to Pahokee . and speed ??? Nobody in 1A is going to match Madison / Pahokee speed . They're obviously a damn good team , they're in the championship game and I expect their best game of the yr . I went to the Dixie County / Newberry game and was really impressed with how they ran the wing-t , flawless . I thought Madison would have trouble with them . Speed was the difference from the first snap . Btown can't win this game , Madison would have to lose it . Anything is possible , I guess .
  6. Taking nothing away from Btown , at this point in the season only the best are still playing but , they haven't faced anything close to this Madison team all year .
  7. Bottom line , like last yr , Madco vs Pahokee was the state championship game and Pahokee played like it in Orlando . If Madison does the same they'll give up plenty of points to Blountstown also .
  8. He had time yet , Madison is vulnerable to the pass ?!?! Do u guys need a sidebar to get ur defense straight ?
  9. The only ones getting beat ALL NIGHT was the Pahokee front 7 , D Staten 194 yds rushing , 3 td's , T Henderson 106 , check my math but , that looks like 300 yds to me .......
  10. No , they did their homework , they threw at him one time all night and it was intercepted and returned 55 yards .
  11. Who's degrading kids ? I was just pointing out the facts . Pahokee hit a couple big pass plays in the 1st half but the QB was on the run most of the 2nd . If they were as vulnerable as you say then Pahokee should be heading to Orlando .
  12. Madison was vulnerable against the pass because they played man coverage with no safety in the middle against Pahokee . They weren't gonna let the run beat them and as Pahokee found out late in the game you DO NOT throw the ball to #18 , Travis Jay , he'll gobble up everything . USF is getting a good one .
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