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  1. BLOUNTSTOWN/ Madison County -Prediction

    He’s actually picked up Louisville and Florida State offer this year.
  2. Pahokee@Madison

    Pahokee could stop sweep or full back dive to save there lives.
  3. Pahokee@Madison

    28-10 madison and Madison didn’t pass the ball just to prove a point
  4. Madison vs pahokee predictions

    So whats everyone’s final predictions for the game tonight. I’m saying 28-14 madison
  5. Madison vs pahokee predictions

    We were then bolles moved up one division. We have been 2a since early 2000s.
  6. Madison vs pahokee predictions

    Good thing we were in 2a.
  7. Madison vs pahokee predictions

    I never said pahokee cheated.i said that Madison had 2-3 touchdowns back with stupid penalties like holding and that this year would be a different game. Columbia name a harder stadium to win in than Boot Hill in Madison County. Also Madison is better this year. Hence us coming within 4 of state record for points in a half against an 11-0 Dixie who met classification by technicality also.
  8. Madison vs pahokee predictions

    Madison left a few touchdowns on the field last year with stupid penalties. With that being said we are getting pahokee at home and need to prove that last year was a fluke.
  9. Madison vs pahokee predictions

    With how Madison has been playing the last two weeks I’m gonna say 28-14 madison.
  10. Second round playoff score updates/finals

    Madison 62 Dixie 7. Madison was 4 points away from breaking most points in a half with scoring 56 in the first half. Running clock in the second.
  11. Columbia vs Madison County

    I think it would've been a closer game if the quarterback didn't get injured. But madison did fumble 4 times with two being within there on ten yard line. Thus, I think they lost do to there defense.