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  1. Your right and not to make excuse we had 6 TO's last night along with 6 injured starters 2 of 3 RB's 2 LB 2 WR watching from sideline, in both losses this year 8 INT's 4 fumbles. Also Roster went from 30 to 22 now with the injuries.
  2. I agree if by not more Dixie's RB is having a heck of senior season already over the 1000 yd mark in 4 games. Another is Baldwin off to a 4-0 start.
  3. I'm not, still early tho we should be 9-1 going into playoffs. Don't see anyone on the schedule cept maybe Dixie County being even a game.
  4. Baldwin by 30 over union would be more like it, Seeing as they beat Dixie County by 1 in a shoot out and Dixie just beat Union County 61-28. Wouldn't be surprised if Ft white Faces Baldwin Round 1.
  5. 74 is the real deal herd he has ton of offers seen him last two years plays both DL/OL.
  6. Wasnt at the game but herd it on the radio. 7 TO's 5 INT 2 fumbles was the factor sounded like we just abandoned the run and passed I am sure Blair threw more passes then any QB since I been there.
  7. I see Columbia vs GHS is 14-7 1qt delayed
  8. yeah Columbia will be more like 21+ not 3 lol.
  9. No. 1 Miami Carol City No. 16 Venice Deerfield Beach Robert E. Lee (Jacksonville) Cocoa Tampa Bay Tech No. 24 Clay (Green Cove Springs) SATURDAY No. 8 Dr. Phillips St. Thomas Aquinas Central
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