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  1. Outside of Madison County, most of the teams that consistently win state championships are either private schools or Miami/Fort Lauderdale schools.
  2. Trenton beat them because they recruited... Hard. I would never promote recruiting and that is the only way a Dixie, Trenton, etc truly has a chance to beat them in my opinion. Unless something magical happens and one of those schools produced multiple SEC caliber guys like Union County did back in the 90's, nobody other than Pahokee will beat them.
  3. Madison County recruits itself. I wouldn't be surprised if a few kids from Monticello, Live Oak, Jasper, or Perry transferred to Mad Co (if they have the transportation) because they are clearly the best in the area. Good players want to play for good programs. I could be wrong, but I don't think they are doing anything illegal. They have good athletes, good coaching, and they work their behinds off year around.
  4. They are in a talent rich area and there is nothing to do in Madison other than football. They work relentlessly year around and have a good coaching staff. In addition, there is not much competition for them on a consistent basis in 1A other than Pahokee. Everyone else in 1A is playing for 2nd/3rd place.
  5. The Union County Fightin' Tigers State Champs 94', 95', & 96'
  6. The community has rallied behind the fact that the school district installed a new turf field at David Hurse Stadium. The community has now come together in the past month to fully donated a new scoreboard and sound system by NEVCO. The board will stand nearly 40 ft tall and will be installed starting the first week of August. After decades of neglect, David Hurse Stadium may soon be one of the best atmospheres in north Florida for high school football.
  7. The school has been desperate for upgrades for years. If you've ever been to Bradford, you know that the baseball team and football team share the same muddy field. This is a power move that will change the landscape of athletics in Bradford. The baseball team is currently getting a new field at another spot on campus.
  8. The school could potentially add soccer in the future I suppose.
  9. Announced yesterday that David Hurse Stadium will be receiving a major face-lift for this upcoming season as they install a new turf field. This is big news for a small public high school (800 students) that doesn't have to share the field with anyone else (currently no soccer team at BHS).
  10. The Indians will have a veteran QB protected by a solid offensive line up front. Defensively they return a good group of guys. They will be more athletic on the perimeter than they were a year ago. #20 is a solid football player, hopefully he doesn’t miss his entire senior year.
  11. Eastside should be better than their 5-4 record last year which included 1 score games with several average to below average teams. They do have potential. I don’t feel as if Bradford should be the top school on the list. Probably around 3ish behind Buchholz and Columbia until they prove otherwise. They lost a handful of impactful of seniors, but they will improve athletically across the board. Their sophomore QB can score any play via air or legs.
  12. Bingo. Fort White would run the clock on both. Eastside will have to prove to me that they are one of the area’s best, even if they do have an sec commit at QB. Bradford and FW deserve more love. FW is always competitive and has more playmakers this year. Even though Bradford got mopped by Raines, they still made it to the final 4 in 4A. Both of these teams deserve more.
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