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    Florida FBS Schools 2019

    Here is a chart showing the 2019 weekly power rating performance of our state's FBS teams. What's interesting to note are the trend lines. While schools like Florida, USF and FIU remained static throughout the season, the others display "cross-over" points. For example, the data shows that even though UCF blew out FAU at the beginning of the year, if they were to play again at the end of the season, the game should be much, much closer with FAU possibly winning. The same is true for Miami and FSU. The reverse happens with Florida and Miami. It shows that despite their first game being close, if the Gators and 'Canes played again at year's end, the Gators would have probably hammered them.
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    Miami Northwestern Miami Washington Lakewood Niceville Miami Central Lakeland Armwood Gaither St Thomas Aquinas Cardinal Gibbons Jones Rockledge Edgewater Atlantic Delray Chaminade Madonna Apopka
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    State Finals County Breakdown 1963-2019

    Hey Peezy! Nah, just plain ol' Excel. I'm in the Geritol club, remember? I can't keep up with all you whippersnappers and your new technology. LOL Actually, I have heard of it but I've never even seen it in action, let alone use it. Happy New Year! You were missed at the state championships.


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