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  1. Was it south plantation or south Broward that had that rb that went to Arkansas ?
  2. That 2015 coconut creek and Hallendale had the playmakers
  3. I was at the AHP game . Defensive wise their big fast and athletic.. AHP defense will hold their own.. Their offense imo the qb is good n have speed in the outside.. They still have size on the line .. My thing was their I.C. Was calling some suspect calls n their oline got bullied by Carol City dline... Should be a close game.. I was at the Caridinal Gibbons vs Central game also.. Cardinal Gibbons qb is fine n expected to play next week. They have a great rb which I felt should of have more touches.. The qb is a gamer!!! They should have no problem also..
  4. The refs at Gibbons we’re horrible!!!
  5. Central 48 Gibbons 21 4th Gibbons getting a lot of home cooking calls
  6. Idk best thing to do is look at Facebook live tomorrow
  7. Nayquan Wright 1st carry 80yds td
  8. Well good thing the CC game is today n the Central game is tomorrow
  9. I think we have a Dade County sweep this weekend.. Carol City vs AHP Miami Central vs Gibbons Da West vs Miramar Booker T vs Dillard Norland vs Piper Pace vs Boyd Anderson or atleast 5-1
  10. Zoe Boy

    Week 1 scores

    So what district would they have competed for a title at? Them boys ain’t have a potential state team since Quiton Flowers days... You tripping...
  11. Zoe Boy

    Week 1 scores

    I’m at the North Miami vs Miami High game... North Miami 28 Miami High 0 f
  12. Friday AHP vs CC Sat Central vs Gibbons
  13. Zoe Boy

    Carol City...

    Just wait till the end of the season n see how much kids get scholarships... That will answer your question..
  14. Zoe Boy

    Carol City...

    Carol City will beat AHP by double digits... I will be at that game...
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