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  1. Maybe they weren’t cell phones or the internet or social media’s back in your days..
  2. Once again y’all going by what y’all see on paper.. Lmao
  3. So you don’t think them players at STA never played together in pop warner or against each other? Let me ask you this all those schools you mention has one pop Warner feeder program or it’s a mixture of programs? N as for them being treated like IMG , why cause it’s a private school that been here ever since i was born (1983) ... Their roster is mainly made up of Broward kids sprinkled in with some Dade kids... One more thing to add on, don’t upset at STA for kids and parents wanting to go there.. It’s not there fault... As it cheapens the game that’s your opinion cause nobody down here is complaining about STA... Strap them up and let’s ride.. Atleast down here it is... Let me know since STA is “stack” why their qb don’t scare anyone.. Their offense don’t scare anyone.. I can name atleast 10-15 QB’s that’s better then anything STA has...
  4. Ah man we at this again? Lmao!!! Name me a school that have their team with players that played with players that been there all 5 years like you say...
  5. Larry Bluestien said this the other day. We’re at a time where every kid knows each other.. A kid leaving to another school like a STA since you like to mention them probably knows the half the team already.. McAurthor done had there share of players transferring in too... Transfers been always happening n it ain’t dying... As far as that glue players holding the team together your telling me that sophomore DT player that left would of been the leader of a Dillard team with other sr’s on the team?
  6. So the DT that left to STA from Dillard which is a sophomore or a jr can’t remember your saying he’s a leader but 2 studs that transfer in to Dillard who are Sr’s cant come in n be that?
  7. Are you gonna count the 2 studs that transferred in to Dillard?
  8. Was it south plantation or south Broward that had that rb that went to Arkansas ?
  9. That 2015 coconut creek and Hallendale had the playmakers
  10. I was at the AHP game . Defensive wise their big fast and athletic.. AHP defense will hold their own.. Their offense imo the qb is good n have speed in the outside.. They still have size on the line .. My thing was their I.C. Was calling some suspect calls n their oline got bullied by Carol City dline... Should be a close game.. I was at the Caridinal Gibbons vs Central game also.. Cardinal Gibbons qb is fine n expected to play next week. They have a great rb which I felt should of have more touches.. The qb is a gamer!!! They should have no problem also..
  11. The refs at Gibbons we’re horrible!!!
  12. Central 48 Gibbons 21 4th Gibbons getting a lot of home cooking calls
  13. Idk best thing to do is look at Facebook live tomorrow
  14. Nayquan Wright 1st carry 80yds td
  15. Well good thing the CC game is today n the Central game is tomorrow
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