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  1. How you got Central over Carol City???
  2. Stick to Broward and Dade counties.
  3. Hey BrowardHandicapper Dwyer DC said Oxbridge wouldn't score on Dwyer lol
  4. Lol idk about that but actually it's involes Oxbridge. Remember that scandal that happen to them well there was an organization where help and tutors the best football players where the kids play in the Army National All Stars game anyway Oxbridge would let them use the field and recruit the talents right there. So that Oxbridge person is gone. The talents is gone.
  5. I heard some news about Oxbridge while I was at the game last night. I spoke with Dwyer DC as well. Let's just say this might be Oxbridge best team because next season....Welp!
  6. I was at that Oxbridge game. Oxbridge looks good!
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