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  1. Glades Central owns Madison County lol!!!
  2. You know GC fans travel we don't care if the state championships is played 9 hours away trust me we'll be there!!!! Lol
  3. Just like North fans complaining about traveling down south soooooooo!!!!!!
  4. My nephew plays for Alcorn State!!!
  5. Naw I didn't go but I attended the game at Lockhart Stadium where we played back in 2001 wasn't that on TV
  6. I remember people from the Muck didn't like this video because they didn't use the players from the Muck but actors instead
  7. Lake Shore High School Wildcats
  8. James Jackson GLADES CENTRAL HIGH SCHOOL Edgerrin James and Clinton Portis
  9. Happy 420 @Floridatech lol Hey @OldSchoolLion is it true that Vero Beach never play a Miami Powerhouse during their regular season winning streak? A Miami Central Alum told me that awhile back just checking
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