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  1. Some say its hard beating a team twice in the same season...
  2. Im bored my team aint playing so I got a question lol which Class has the best matchup this round is... 8A 7A 6A 5A 4A 3A 2A 1A Bonus if you want rank em.... For me 4A especially has the South has the best matchup: BTW, University, Prep and CG to me has the best region what do yall think...??,,,
  3. Lol aaaaaa shuuuuttt up!!! Lmao
  4. Sometimes some players themselves dont wanna go above and beyond wanna sit at home and play fortnite and Madden 20 all day just practice at school and that it. Back in the days players wanna get out of thier situation and outwork everybody on that field times has change especially my Raiders....
  5. THURSDAY CLASS 8A Palmetto Columbus FRIDAY CLASS 8A Seminole (Sanford) Apopka Riverview (Sarasota) Dr. Phillips Treasure Coast Deerfield Beach CLASS 7A Lincoln Niceville Armwood Lakeland Venice Manatee St Thomas Aquinas Atlantic (Delray) CLASS 6A Escambia Robert E. Lee Clearwater Largo Port Charlotte Lake Gibson Miami Central Dillard CLASS 5A Raines Pine Forest Jones Vanguard Jesuit Lake Wales American Herita
  6. There a company name topnotch and they do home inspection from Miami just wondering lol
  7. Hey @topnotch305 do you do home inspections for a living??
  8. Go independent lol man gone somewhere with that lol......
  9. 8A Seminole Timber Creek Apopka Bartram Trail Riverview Newsome Osceola(Kissimmee) Dr Phillips Vero Beach Treasure Coast Deerfield Beach Palm Beach Central Miami Palmetto South Dade Douglas Columbus 7A Edgewater Lincoln Wekiva Niceville Armwood Bloomingdale Tampa Bay Tech Lakeland Palm Beach Lakes Venice Manatee Mitchell St Thomas Aquinas Plantation Atlantic McArthur 6A Escambia Mainland Columbia Robert E.
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