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  1. Miramar vs St Thomas Aquinas -2011 thru 2017 Miramar (Broward Public) - 2011 Miramar ( Broward Public) - 2012 Miramar (Broward Public) - 2013 STA - 2014 STA - 2015 STA - 2016 Miramar (Broward Public) - 2017
  2. Miramar eyes four-peat vs. St. Thomas Aquinas Patriots, Raiders to square off Saturday September 18, 2014|By Steve Gorten, Sun Sentinel MIRAMAR — – Three years ago, Miramar stunned St. Thomas Aquinas on its home field, snapping the Raiders' 19-game winning streak against Broward County opponents with an emotional overtime triumph. In 2012, Miramar prevailed again in OT, this time on a debatable touchdown on fourth-and-goal. Last year, Miramar rallied from a seven-point deficit in the fourth quarter to win 22-20 at St. Thomas' Brian Piccolo Field. Three dramatic finishes, one rare streak. Saturday night at home, Miramar (2-1) will try to become the first public school to beat St. Thomas four consecutive times in the regular season since Dillard accomplished that feat from 1987 to 1990. (In the postseason, Lakeland defeated the Raiders in four consecutive matchups — in 1998 and from 2004-06.) St. Thomas has won 14 of the 21 meetings all-time against Miramar, outscoring the Patriots 573-236. "They're gonna be fired up to play," first-year Miramar coach Matt Strout predicted. "We're very excited about it, too. It's a big rivalry game, and our guys don't want to lose. These seniors know they've beaten them three years in a row and this is their last opportunity to play St. Thomas. They've very hungry and very eager." Strout said the psychological impact of three straight wins against the county's best program is historically significant. Still, he's sounded a note of caution with his players. "Just because they've beaten them three years in a row doesn't necessarily mean this group of seniors and juniors all contributed to that. So it's been a work in progress all week trying to get them to focus on the task at hand instead of what's happened in years past." St. Thomas (1-1) will be especially motivated coming off a 24-7 loss to Don Bosco Prep (N.J.) last Saturday in West Point, N.Y. It was the Raiders' largest margin of defeat since 2004. Coach Rocco Casullo's crew entered the game ranked No. 1 in MaxPreps' composite national rankings.
  3. @BrowardHandicapper What would be your thoughts if Miramar slaughters Hallandale this week?
  4. I'm with Dillard on this one. Not saying that Deerfield would not beat Flanagan or Miramar, but who have they beat that makes you feel as if they have turned the corner? They haven't even played the tougher teams in their district yet. They've beaten teams that they were supposed to beat.
  5. I think because that same Miramar team beat the same Dillard team (in pads) 4 months ago with half of there starting lineup. Dillard is not better than Miramar point blank.
  6. Dillard you bringing up last year. South Broward, Piper,and Mcarthur are decent this year. That's how the rankings go...people remember what you have done lately. When it comes to Dillard everyone only remembers 51-0 to St Thomas, beat Hallandale this weekend and I'm quite sure yall will be back in the top 20 next week.
  7. @Mighty_Dillard_Panthers..lol did you really bring up a 7 on 7? A 7 on 7 where Dillard won on a controversial call on the last play? The 14-7 spring game where Dillard scored on a busted play and majority of Miramar offensive starters didn't play. What are you basing your high ranking of Dillard off of? Potential and beating Stranahan. So all things being equal and based off your rankings Miramar should lose to St Thomas this week about 51-0? BTW Dillard does have a lot of talent on that team...it's not how you start it's how you finish. Maybe they pull it all together for the playoffs. Good luck this week with that "way down" Hallandale and the rest of the season bro.
  8. I agree with BrowardHandicapper it's just week 1 all of this can and will change. But no disrespect, I really don't see much change with Dillard. Come on bruh...You remind me a lot of me. I'm a Dolfan, every year I believe things have finally changed and are looking upward and don't want to hear what nobody has to say...Very optimistic of the Dolphins outcome and they let me down every season. Sounds like we drinking the same thing...I'm just drinking it before NFL games while you drinking it before Dillard games. lol Kickoff Classic you really thought Dillard stood a chance against St Thomas, then they beat the Stranahan...now you feel they are the #5 team in the county. Really Bruh? Every ranking I notice you put Dillard over Miramar even though Miramar just beat Dillard in the Spring..while they were missing key folks--their starting QB for one. Do you really think Dillard can beat Deerfield?
  9. 1. St Thomas 2. American Heritage 3. Boyd Anderson 4. Miramar 5. Chaminade 6. Hallandale 7. Flanagan 8. Deerfield 9. Dillard 10. McArthur
  10. What ups Dillard??? What did I miss on Saturday?? Friday night you was feeling sorry for Miramar, now you asking if you see them winning a close one at home. What happened bruh?
  11. 40+ kids with D1 offers is awesome. What I want to know is how Coach is able to manage the egos and playing time of those players. Are those kids just happy with knowing they have the opportunity to play at the next level but not playing meaningful minutes in high school? Do they just want a state championship ring? D1 player but not good enough to start on your high school football team. Now I applaud the coach for getting those players into school, because at the end of the day that what it should be about. But I'm just curious to hear some of you guys thoughts on this?
  12. Include Pace in that battle for 2nd place, they brought in a lot of talent and have a good coaching staff alongside Coach Zaccheo.
  13. My point exactly about the schedule. I agree, they'll be fine and should make the playoffs. But can't keep losing kids at record numbers and make a deep run. Losing too much depth.
  14. Miramar was a young team last year...loaded with talented underclassmen on a team that went 5-5. Outside of a loss to Plantation that I feel shouldn't have happened...their other losses were to IMG, Flanagan, St Thomas, and Hallandale. While the 5 wins were by a 30+ margin. Bringing in Nick Saban would probably push that team to National title contenders. Look at the players they lost for the upcoming season and are still relevant in 8A. Top DE going to Central, Top DL going to Carol City, Top DB going to St. Thomas and a heap of others that have left to go to other schools for playing time. Those talented underclassmen are now seniors and want to start...Miramar doesn't have the reputation of a school like St Thomas where colleges are offering kids who don't start and little to no film just because the team is loaded. Don't blame the kids for leaving. Why sit behind somebody as a senior when you're good enough to be playing. I heard they have like 40+ seniors on that team.
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