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  1. Good luck gentleman...may it b a great game
  2. For me Tigerfan 1...it was way too far from field of play. I couldn't really see the plays developed as u can in most high school stadiums. Really a nice venue but probably the worse viewing of a game I've been too! I'm willing to bet they did that for a reason...let us know what you think about it and listen to their announcer. Lol. Best of luck,I think they're gonna need a little,and safe travels...
  3. I was leaning Newberry's way,but I'm gonna go with Pahokee...they play pretty good "d"
  4. Pretty good private school...I'd say trenton will win but don't expect a cakewalk. Pretry sure that Mike Alstott is their coach and his son is qb...
  5. Completely wrong big blue... I use the name small school cause Id rather watch the small public schools play rather than the privates or large class teams. We haven't been able to run with the big dogs the last few years...and niether has Pahokee! I agree with tigerfan...I think the two that come out of our district will b one and done. As far as playing two teams last night,fm had more penalties and penalty yds than Pahokee.
  6. Playoffs doesn't look promising for either...
  7. The very little I have seen this year of FM I would say Pahokee by at least 20...good possibility a repeat of last year. Hopefully I'm wrong
  8. Good win Tigerfan...how do you see district playing out?
  9. Think I'll go AP on this one...best of luck to both
  10. Trenton until someone beats or hangs with them...+10
  11. CCC not gonna get it done...it's gonna be Trinity all year. Only hope is a south fla team...bottom line!
  12. best of luck tigerfan,will b checking in to c how ya'll are doing
  13. Florida is getting lots of love in this poll...recognition is a good thing. Congrats to Trenton and PSJ...proud to see small public schools that I have seen numerous times get national recognition.
  14. Small school


    scorestream had them losing to Leon 7-0 for wat that's worth
  15. scorestream has Apopka winning...great win if ya'll did win
  16. Just like life,u gotta take the good with the bad...don't let a few bad apples get the best of you. They're haters everywhere...just the world we live in. Trenton has been successful the last few years,enjoy it,praise it,and pray it continues...they say it usually goes in cycles. With all the sucess,it can get the fan base unruly when you aren't winning state...appreciate wat and who you have! Looking forward to ya'lls trip south next year...
  17. Congrats on an unimaginable, amazing,historic season!! psj was there for a quarter...then the Tigers were unleashed. Trenton deserves every accolade they get...
  18. I remember a few years ago,a team went north and beat team "a",only to meet at state and lose...js
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