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  1. Of course he's going to think that
  2. Oxbridge played DB in the spring jamboree for one half and then played PB Lakes for another half.
  3. I think almost everyone agreed that Oxbridge bit off more than they could chew with their initial schedule with Columbus, DeMatha, what was believed to be a really good West Orange team and IMG Academy. (Not to mention Carol City.) But, that was the intention when the schedule was set was not to focus on boosting the amount of wins in the season. Sure, the team wants to collect as many wins as possible. But at the same time, the important thing was exposing our players to the best of the best to better prepare them for not just the road to states, but also because many of them are going to be playing some against some incredible players at the next level. Hence why we scheduled Columbus, DeMatha and IMG -- three teams who have repeatedly recognized as among the best of the best in recent years. Hence why we also were in discussions with several other very well known (and highly ranked) teams before landing the DeMatha game. Some teams both in Florida (cough, cough, a certain WPB school) and out of Florida are scared of what Oxbridge brings to the table, though, hence why some lesser teams appear on the schedule.
  4. 100% correct on all accounts. There is at least one other team (outside SFla) that ducked Oxbridge for the 2016 schedule.
  5. Oxbridge wins 14-7 over Carol City
  6. ESPN West Palm has it on the radio and I think they have live-stream on their website as well.
  7. Yes - OL/DL is incredibly talented this season. Conditioning wise, I don't know what those other teams do but those Oxbridge boys go through some tough conditioning, in part because the play up-tempo and no-huddle on offense so they have to be conditioned very well to play in that. MaxPreps shows 45 on the team compared to 2015's MP roster (that included JV players) that listed roughly 60.
  8. The great Doug Socha is now an assistant on the Buffalo Bills staff - http://www.sun-sentinel.com/sports/highschool/football/palm-beach/sfl-former-oxbridge-coach-doug-socha-takes-coaching-position-with-buffalo-bills-20160826-story.html
  9. Play calling on offense is almost entirely the same I believe. Play-Caller from last season is now fully the OC. Defense should pretty much be the same, maybe some adjustments are being made based on who they now have. Game strategy changed very little, if any at all. Team-Coach Chemistry no change there really since they just promoted an assistant. QB, as far as I know, is Richardson which yeah I can say that technically is a question mark since he is young and is facing Flanagan and Carol City to start the year off with West Orange, AHD and IMG tossed in as well as the season progresses. Depth isn't that much of an issue I don't think. Overall, at least.
  10. Flanagan was added after Socha was shown the door. (As was Seminole Osceola for KOC.)
  11. You play credit card roulette at the end.
  12. Interesting thing to think about and want other's thoughts. You are having a gathering and you can invite 10 coaches, all that must be alive. You have to have one coach from high school, college and NFL. Which 10 are you picking and why? My 10: Urban Meyer Steve Spurrier Rex Ryan Jim Harbaugh Tom Westerberg Gus Malzahn Bill Belichick Corky Rogers Jimmy Johnson Pete Carroll
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