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  1. That was a classic battle. The two communities had a great deal of respect for each other based on those classic matchups. That Pahokee team was extremely dangerous. They were loaded with size and speed but Rudell Small slipped right through the middle for a huge, last minute run.
  2. They 3peated in 1A, instead of playing in 3A where they should be.
  3. We really don't know why he was "trying" to do, because he was being held.
  4. Exactly! There was an obvious reason why he couldn't make the tackle.
  5. Beautiful assessment! I respectfully disagree. I think the holding actually started as soon as the WR caught the the ball. The WR continued to hold the DB until the ball carrier was 3 to 4 yards in front of him. (Ironically, the referee was right there) Out of all the defenders, #17 was in the best position to either make the tackle or at least..slow the receiver down. I am a Pahokee fan but I've worked in Madison (I have love for both), and a Madison fan actually sent me this video. I wouldn't take anything away from either team. It was a great game between two really good fo
  6. The credit definitely goes to the running back. That kid Staten is fast! But Dude...you can't tell me Pk's #17 wasn't being held, that's why he couldn't attempt to make the initial tackle!
  7. I know there was a lot of complaining about holding throughout this game. But this is the "real" reason why Madison scored that last minute game winning TD. Great game nevertheless! The Madison vs Blounstown game should be a good one!
  8. I think you mistaked "Jesse" for a Pahokee fan. He's a Madison fan. No one from Pahokee called Blountston trash.
  9. Great game Pahokee! The Blue Devil program is heading in the right direction under this new coaching staff.
  10. You are absolutely right about Clewiston. How does Madison slip under the radar? There are other North Florida teams that deserve to be Champs but I don't see any of them that come close to challenging Madison.
  11. First of all, Madison should be competeing in 3A, where they used to be. If you're looking for the old Pahokee team that will drop 45 points by halftime...this is not that team. But, they are extremely athletic, defensively sound, and will easily play to the level of thier competition. I expect Madison to win.. but don't expect a "cakewalk". Just ask the University School, Chaminade, Dillard, and Deerfield Beach.
  12. Madison shouldn't even be in 1A. They (Madison County) know it too.
  13. Madison definitely should NOT be in 1A. But they are not invincible. A 1A team can definitely get that A$$. There actually is 2 High Schools in Madison County from what I understand. And those kids are eligible to play sports at MC High School, and they do.
  14. Madison really isn't really a 1A school. If they can get kids from another local pool (school), then the FHSAA should add that schools population into the mix. Madison isn't really creative with their schedule either. With the exception of Columbia, they pick their opponents much like Floyd Mayweather did. Pahokee may make the playoffs, but Madison would put a running clock (by halftime) on this years Pahokee team.
  15. I can't really tell if JaxTCA is really that good, but one thing that is for sure...that Pahokee team don't look good at all!
  16. Should be a good one! Madison is always tough in Boot Hill. Madison is not a legitimate 1A school though. They have another local high school that they can pull kids from. But the FHSAA let's them do it, so I don't blame them.
  17. Damn Pahokee! Don't be the Miami Dolphins of the Muck!
  18. Pahokee is actually hanging with Dillard?
  19. In all fairness, I have to give credit to the University School as to why Pahokee looked like a 1A team. The Sharks were on point. Very disciplined and well coached team. It sucks with the injuries that PK is dealing with. Thanks for clearing it up @561_Fan. Pahokee was actually giving Deerfield problems last spring.
  20. This is the first time I've ever seen Pahokee actually look like a 1A team. That was not the same Pahokee team I saw play Deerfield Bch in the spring.
  21. The Deerfield Beach team that I saw this spring looks like the real deal! A big azz O line with a bruising running back and plenty of depth.
  22. Great! They desperately needed this!
  23. Actually, Hawthorne should NOT have beat Pahokee last year. You can also add 8A Atlantic, Vero, and Cocoa in there too. Pahokee was clearly the better team in all of those games. You guys talk as if Pahokee actually had real coaches and strategic adult leadership... They didn't! I was told those coaches didn't even watch game film or scouted upcoming opponents. That team had no offensive or defensive identity. They were just extremely athletic. It should be interesting to see how the kids respond to experienced coaches that implement schemes and strategy. And from the looks of tha
  24. If Dillard is back the their old form, that Deerfield matchup should be pretty good. Deerfield had a huge Offensive and Defensive line. And there was a lot of them to shuffle in and out. Dillard is always loaded with skilled players. Ely may need a little bit more work. They definitely have the potential though. I really didn't pay much attention to Piper.
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