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  1. Central coaches are worse than ours! Lol... i want to see how he performs in college.. I think Dalvin has more heart and plays with more of a sense of urgency... wouldn't be surprised if he plays db in college.
  2. No way this game should've been this close smh... More than 8 points better than Central smh... I'll take the win but can't let up no more. Goes for players and coaches.... sidenote Dalvin>James
  3. Miami High beating Palmetto is not that much of an upset to me and alot of people in Dade county. I think Miami High and Columbus the 2 best teams in their class down here.. I like Miami High to beat Southridge this week.
  4. Real question is how many games would Cocoa win if they played BTW schedule? They lose to the West, Central, Columbus, and Carol City... Not sure who else BTW played but that's 4 L's right there easy
  5. Oh ok 21 7 final... rockets finally scored with 2 mins left... Just telling you how I saw it.
  6. I didn't want to say nothing about the officials because some would say. I'm being a homer. But I saw db get clothes line trying to block a punt on front of the ref and no flag lol... All i could do is laugh..
  7. Hard to focus when your mind elsewhere http://amp.miamiherald.com/sports/high-school/article176406061.html
  8. We play them on 10/20... Lets see if your right
  9. I know some of you thought I'd get missing from here but I drove up from Miami and back same day and had to recoop Sunday... You can not beat IMG with mistakes, penalties, and giving them a short field to play with. When you have a chance to make a play you have to make them.. The missed pick that turn into a IMG td, fumbled snaps, etc cannot happen and they did.. IMG turned ball over 4 times! You have to convert into points! The OC has to put the most talent on the field at all times to give team the best chance to win. The team played as if it was not there mentally.. I kno coach was admitt
  10. STA does not have a good QB..... That's alot of the problem right there..
  11. I see you are an on paper guy lol... Glad the game is played on the field.. Too bad Trinity doesn't play NW.... would be an easy win... You dismiss BTW like they are not good..... That's comical! I want to see if any other team holds them to 7pts... Faith and hope lol... I'm just glad the game is tomorrow night...
  12. Who's to say IMG can play how they play last season???? Maybe your hoping for something that's not goin to happen... That IF your using is a built in excuse in case IMG loses... And I saw the teams IMG played.. NW would beat all of those teams... They are too slow...I just hope rain holds up from 7 to 10 tomorrow night.
  13. They leave tomorrow.... travel not an issue..... I still don't wanna hear this slumber talk lol... No built in excuses after game. Because you won't get none from me...
  15. like NW is better than central this year because they beat central LAST year and returned more starters than central did... And the fact that BTW should've beat Central if not for questionable flag on blk punt td that erased the TD, and 2 dropped TDs and a miss fg...... where as NW controlled game against BTW a game that should have been 28 to 7?? got it if we using your own statement
  16. They beat them last year and have more returning this year and added key pieces than central did.... IMG beat Central barely without their starting WR and average QB.... IMG only had 3 points first half... Stop it with they not playing good. I don't even like central but they shut IMG down for most of the game... IMG oline is there oline.... they are going to play the same way and NW will get to the QB... I have nothing else to say until after the game.
  17. If not too many penalties NW will be fine.. I'm worried more about their backs more than anything else on offense... Special teams will have to clean up on for this game... I expect a trick play or 2 from IMG... NW has to feed #34 all night and not rotate backs in and out he's a beast... definately love our dline and dbs against IMG
  18. What do u mean they can't do no worse? Nobody knows how they are going to play until they hike that ball.
  19. I don't care what qb is back there they are going to throw 2 to 3 picks.... Line play for IMG is not good and that qb will be rattled... I'm just not impressed with IMG after watching them play this year... Good not great IMO...
  20. They didn't do nothing against central secondary what makes u think they will against NW... Divaad Wilson is going to lock Hightower down so that's not an issue... This will be the best defense IMG has played all year.... I been to that stadium that's a non factor.. it will be more like a home game away from home with the crowd we bring..
  21. Excuses excuses excuses.... rust? I don't wanna hear that.... If the talent is much better as you say it is these games shouldn't be close.... all these other schools had rust too if thats the case... just sounds like an excuse in the making... NW beats them its because they are the better team simple as that.
  22. Not impressed... I hope they put it all together this week... like they did on west coast... why can't these other teams be just be good? I'm glad this game is in a few days... Dont wanna hear no excuses...
  23. Let me chk out these comments lol
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