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  1. He’s only been the coach at First Coast for 20 years...AD since it opened
  2. Yell “frow da bawl to wusty” at Motty Wee and see if he reacts...
  3. I have surveyed the campus...tell you what, if I find the money to build a field, would they be interested in listening to a proposal? Those 'wolves used to be nasty...
  4. I will coach it. Who do I send my resume to?
  5. Thursday, Oct. 26 Atlantic Coast (2-6) at Providence (2-6): Stallions lost an OT heartbreaker last week, but bounce back big. TU pick: Providence 37, Atlantic Coast 14. [Providence 46, Atlantic Coast 20] Fleming Island (6-2) at White (3-5): Golden Eagles need to stop their two-game losing streak before a solid season gets away from them. TU pick: Fleming 32, White 13. [Fleming Island 20, Ed White 6] Fletcher (6-2, 2-1) at Lee (7-1, 3-0 in District 2-7A): Senators made it close late last week, but their playoff hopes hinge on this game. TU pick: Lee 30, Fletcher 20. [Lee 20, Fletcher 6] Florida Deaf (1-6) at St. Joseph (2-4): Flashes bounce back after tough loss last week. TU pick: St. Joseph 27, Florida Deaf 13. [St. Joseph 54, FD&B 0] Paxon (2-6, 0-3) at Stanton (4-3, 0-3 in District 3-5A): Blue Devils end their recent three-game slide and stay on pace for that elusive sixth win. TU pick: Stanton 30, Paxon 14. [Stanton 27, Paxon 26] Tallahassee Lincoln (3-5) at Raines (7-1): Vikings have just been laying waste to teams. TU pick: Raines 42, Lincoln 20. [Raines 49, Lincoln 24] Westside (1-7, 0-4) at Parker (2-6, 0-4 in District 4-5A): Should be a better than expected game to stay out of the district basement. TU pick: Westside 29, Parker 27. [Parker 26, Westside 16]
  6. I'll tell you who crossed the line...whoever SMU'd the LCCC Timberwolves Baseball program...that's who crossed the line. Ban them!
  7. A TBI is a traumatic brain injury. It could explain the need for having the same thing explained over and over and over again.
  8. I’m not ruling out a TBI as potentially part of the problem here.
  9. gatorman-uf...you have upper level management written all over you! sharkbait, quality work as well, sir!
  10. Because...(inhale)....September...(exhale and wipe drool off)...is...(inhale)...part...(exhale)...of...the...(inhale)...SEASON!!!!!!! you are the one wanting to abolish part of the season from consideration...NOT ME! Dear Lord Jesus, please grant him the ability to comprehend this time. Amen.
  11. Seriously? Again? Just because a team wins in November doesn’t mean they were better in September and the other team just “got lucky” either. You’re just being silly.
  12. Even though Columbiaman got a little flustered, I considered this good conversation. I am able to step back and see that, although I think something might be better, there is more than one way to skin a cat...not everyone is capable of pulling that off. Most resort to bully tactics like name calling...but I digress. If you want to know who the best team is for the entire season, then you need to measure the entire season...that seems like common sense to me, but common sense is rather uncommon anymore. The beginning of the season and the end of the season must have the same weight, if you're looking for an accurate measurement. With that said, I'm not sure taking the top-64 and putting them into some sort of "showcase" league is an answer that will work either.
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