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  1. TC Football Equip @TcEquip · Mar 23 Need Games! @FlaHSFootball @JoshFHSF Weeks 1,3,4,7,8 Let’s get better! #TCFootball #FHSAA
  2. Welcome to Jax bro ... where did u move here from? and I haven’t heard of the schedule yet but once I do I’ll post it on here
  3. I understand we beat some pretty good teams last year! I just wanted to make sure we get to keep playing these good teams ... I don’t want to have a weak schedule because we had to move down !
  4. If anything I would like max TCA to move up .. I know our enrollment down but I hate that we moved to 2a !! We we are going to get less respect if we win state now ??? what are y’all thoughts on this ?
  5. That was a great game !!! CH played great and had me nervous the whole game TCApride
  6. Jax TCA 25 CH 22 put Jax TCA in the top 5 of the state please !!! We beat American heritage and now we have beat CM for the state championship!!! I think we deserve that ...
  7. Lol imma trinity fan soo u no imma be a bit unrealistic... I hope the game goes the way I predicted!!!!! I’ll definitely be watching the game tonight ... and if we lose I’ll come back on here and give CH props
  8. Nobody give Jax TCA a chance !! well I say Jax TCA 21 CM 7
  9. And don’t forget it was 42 TCA to 19 OTC IN the 4th quarter with about 7 minutes left ... back ups for defense and offense started going in for TCA I’m just saying
  10. Looking at how Jax TCA played y’all how do u think they will match up in the state game ???? and i no comparisons don’t mean nothing .. but Jax TCA beat and shut out American heritage the one team that beat Chaminade-Madonna ... also for almost the whole season Jax TCA main starters for there skill positions on offense were hurt .. since the starters are finally heathy the offense has been rolling .... if Jax TCA plays D like the did against AHP and play offense like the did against OTC , I promise they will run it up on CM !!!
  11. Kings of 3a are back where they belong!!! Going to state Jax TCA 56 otc 33
  12. Jax TCA offense is looking pretty good!!! The defense it’s playing hit or miss right now. if trinity catholic get one stop they will be in good shape because there offense is moving the ball pretty good
  13. Will trinity catholic be live streaming the game against Jax tca?
  14. You are absolutely right .. about everything in your post .. trinitys special team did win the game .. but at the end of the day no matter the calls trinity is still the only team to keep them scoreless. I’m not saying trinity the best team ever But I do feel like we should be top 10
  15. Your right we did get blowed out by bolles.. but we won six of n a row since then ... all I’m saying is AHP. CouldNt score on TCA And no other team has done that to them
  16. JAX TCA held American heritage plantation to 0 points ZEROOOO american Heritage blew out Venice blew out Bartram Trail And just beat gibbons who beat STA ....soo I think trinity deserves a lil props
  17. I know this has nothing to do with what y’all talking about ... but JAX TCA beat the all mighty IMG in 13-14 season ... and have them a run for there money in 16-17 season I’m just sayin
  18. I hope they do! But player keep getting hurt!!!! and trinity jv always suck all the good 8th 9th and sometimes 7th graders play varsity
  19. Appreciate that bro !!! They played hard
  20. Hard fought battle!!! Trinity offense didn’t do a thing . But the defense played lights out !!!!! AH Muffed a pint with about 12 seconds left on the 15 , trinity kicked field goal to win
  21. I’m not complaining bro... I think 49 is a good rank for TCA ... what I’m saying is TCA is still a strong north team that’s all
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