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  1. I really hope Guss doesn't leave they started coaching their my freshman year... But I don't think thing will change... Guss and the D coach coach Ross ran the offence togather and vice versa for the defense... I think Ross can handle running the O just fine by hisself
  2. Well I feel Jax tca Can compete with Sta any day but that’s just me..
  3. I’m always going to give props to my school Jax tca only has 428 kids that go to their school ... and their competing in 5a ... ppl can say what they want about recruiting I dnt really care... they are a private school in Jax fl and all the kids on the roster are from Jax fl.. where else are they suppose to get kids from ??? It’s not like they have a zone for their school. All the kids on their team even since I played there have been there since 9th grade and most have been there since elementary ... on this years roster #3 their RB has been their since a freshmen .. he played behind plenty of good running back and when it was his turn he played .. they didn’t recruit him tho.. Jax tca just has good coaches and he learned from them and now he’s as good as he is today... #4 for Jax tca their Star WR has been their since I was a freshmen that means like 2nd or 3rd grade!!! That’s a family I love that school and I dnt like when ppl try to talk about them and they know nothing about them... ( PS. I KONW NOBODY SAID ANYHING ABOUT JAX TCA ON THIS POST .. I JUST WANTED TO THROW THAT OUT THERE )
  4. Right he was pretty confident that Lee was going to lose to Columbia and that didn't happen. Now the shoe is on the other foot and he's mad lmao
  5. I'm not dismissing AHP or CG.. My post was directed to rockledge !!! I was just mad they were ranked higher then Trinity... As far as AHP and GC I know those will be tough games if Trinity makes it to state and has to play them
  6. Y'all can say wat y'all want but mark my words them young boys from Trinity are going to state and their gonna win it .. There's a new guy in 5a and their here to take it over
  7. Rockledge beat BOLLES 27-24 Trinity beat BOLLES 41-14 .. Rockledge lost to raines who only beat Ribualt by a td ... Trinity beat Ribualt 47 - 0 ...I know that dnt really mean nothing but I'm just saying
  8. TCA will destroy rockledge if they end up playing eachother !!!!! I know it's just stupid rankings, but I'm still mad!!!!
  9. Your right its not bold.. Just throwing it out there cause it only their second year in 5a
  10. Ok well that good to know but I dnt understand why the coach suspended them for that? It looked Amazing to me!! The swords were fake, it almost halloween , little kiss use those for their costumes so I don't see the point.
  11. 3 players who had fake swords in their hands when they came out got suspended by their coach, Because of the letter that was written by a lady from fletcher claiming it scared her. The coaches suspended they players b4 the fhsaa got involved that way it wouldn't effect them in the playoffs.
  12. How does trinity compare to the rest of 5A ? Since they beat the 1# 7A team!!
  13. Trinity got a penalty during the extra point witch put Columbia closer so they decided to go for 2
  14. Trinity wins 31 to 30!! Trinity is a team full of sophomores and juniors but the young boys pulled it out in a tough one tonight. pround of them boy. #TCAPRIADE
  15. Actually i think im just going to go to the game. I live 8 minutes from trinity
  16. It's going to be a good game. Haven't seen Columbia play but ik they are good. Trinity has a fast tough D!!! They have 3 or 4 playmakers on offense as well .
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