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  1. It's funny how the national board constituents have Georgia as THIRD tier in the top 100! Yet we have beaten four of Flaaawda's top ten!
  2. Listen Lord Peezy! I don't MAKE da news, I jist rePORT it! NOBODY said Edge of the water was your best team! But they're DEFINITELY TOP TEN out of those 2000! Georgia has 450 schools, and 45 in 7A! FLAAAWDA has 2000! And ALSO OPEN ENROLLMENT! BOTH teams were ranked #5 in their respective classifications! And Marietta has barely won one game 21-17, and lost another un to Grayson, by 28-12! And my Packers beat Grayson 31-7, and it coulda, woulda, shoulda been worse! youtube.com/watch?v=NNdhQo7AD-M
  3. WELL, in defense of Madison County! Sometimes they are some STUBBORN sons of a gun! In 2011, we pulled out a MIRACLE win against them, 20-19! And that was the year we got the big school semis stolen from us by USA TODAY #3 Grayson, at Grayson! And they had Wayne Gallman, starting RB for national champion Clemson, and top NFL draft choice Robert Nkemdiche!
  4. That's because FLAAAWDA football is O VER RATED! And Marietta ain't close to being the best team in Georgia this season, or ANY SEASON! The last time a Cobb county team won the state championship in the highest classification, I was in Vietnam!
  5. WELL, you didn't meet MEEEEEE! By the BY, after taking it on the chinny chin chin for four weeks and a scrimmage! Our new coach has FINALLY decided to listen to Coach ProPst ole guard! And we changed up our D alignment and switch two guys to different positions! And PRESTO, Colquitt 31 Grayson 7! The BLACK HATS ARE BACK!
  6. Hunter is a HELL of a GUY! When he met up with Colquitt fans, he even took them out for dinner at the Fish Head Restaurant!
  7. I'll be at Marietta, while our coaching staff will be at Traz Powell! I'll give you the 411, when and if I return from the ATL! I'm leaving NOW, and I MAY make the 7:00 KO Friday! It's BRAVES PLAYOFF FRIDDIE in rush hour traffic, in the existing parking lot called I-75 NORTH!
  8. What you fail to understand is THIS! A few select team's in Maryland/D.C., New Jersey, Ohio, and California, have all of a sudden, opted to enter an ARM'S RACE, to be head and shoulders above the rest of the country! And St. John's College Prep, is one of those select few, drawing from D.C., Maryland, Pa., and Virginia! And in short order, it will RUIN high school football, forEVER. Unless state associations put a stop to the recruiting, or ban these teams from playing in their associations! I just watched St. John Bosco from Southern California, the other night! And they had better skilled position players than MOST COLLEGES! They were playing one of the strongest teams in New Jersey, Don Bosco Prep! And they were up 28-7 in the FIRST QUARTER! And at halftime, they extended that lead to 49-7! When they draw their team from a population of 8,000,000, your chances of beating that team are SLIM and NONE! And Slim just left the building!
  9. Pinkos must not think much of Georgia football! When he has the #7 ranked team in the toughest non transferred up league in America(GHSA 7A) as a three touchdown underdog.
  10. WELL, since he had North Gwinnett as a three score dog against Armwood! He MAY wanna revisit his formula!
  11. DAYUM son, an OBJECTIVE opinion from the Sunshine State! FLAAAWDA teams try to win on out talenting their opponents! ALL you hafta do to defeat THAT, is keep the play in front of you, and minimize big plays! Armwood gave up 26 to North Gwinnett! They got TWO FG'S against Colquitt!
  12. Congrats, go UNDEFEATED in FLAAAWDA!
  13. Yeah, we just sent North Gwinnett a birthday card, with a picture of our ENDZONE! Since they hadn't seen it in EIGHT QUARTERS against us!
  14. You mean, the team Colquitt beat 45-0 in the 7A state quarterfinals, in 2018?
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