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  1. That's a fair point but there were a lot of teams ranked behind Columbia that I think are better.
  2. I'm not counting Columbia out but I certainly wasn't buying their #3 ranking either. They probably have about as good a shot as any team in the North at making a trip to the finals.
  3. It seem like Max Preps just uses RPI to determine their rankings. Dillard's schedule look like the only reason they aren't ranked higher.
  4. It sounds like Escambia is the team to beat in the 6A North. But I wouldn't bet on any Polk team representing the 6A South either.
  5. Dunn Col Arm BoCie FPC Apopka TC Col Col Co. Berk
  6. Next season I won't be late to the party!
  7. I guess my 8-2 week wasn't worth a mention lol.
  8. WOW. The wheels have completely fell off for Plant this season.
  9. AH 31-28 Jones 24-21 NW 17-13 Marietta 31-24 Rock 37-27 Col 24-20 BT 31-28 CCC 24-21 Cocoa 27-21 FPC 27-20
  10. Very interested in seeing how this one turns out.
  11. Best shot at an out of state win this week is Rockledge. I expect it to be a competitive game atleast. The Edgewater vs Marietta game is very interesting but Fla schools haven't done well in Ga this season. Mater Dei looks like the best team in the country hands down this season IMO. That St. Frances team is the real deal and MD had no trouble dispatching them. IMG/St. Frances will be interesting. I think the bulk of IMG's squad is underclassmen this season.
  12. I wouldn't count Dillard out but history isn't on their side. Naples or Dillard could probably give Central a run for their money in that region but I still wouldn't bet against Central.
  13. I think it's fair to say that U School was the better "team" but Williams was dominating that game on the defensive side of the ball. Once he got ejected, the tables turned.
  14. I thought you meant Arch Bish McArth but you probably mean Mia Central yea? If that's the case, it's hard to bet against Mia Central.
  15. I think U School got a gift against Western with that Williams ejection.
  16. As of right now, this would be my final four: R1- Columbia R2- Gaither R3- Palmetto R4- Mia Central If Columbia is really as good as advertised, they should find their way into the finals. I haven't seen enough of them yet to really endorse it all the way but Regions 1 and 2 are the softest of the groups. Gaither has been impressive so far but they're beatable. Palmetto has been great so far and they look better each week. Lake Gibson is the only team in the region that can give them a contest.
  17. The Celtics with Pierce, Garnett, and Allen actually started the whole "Big Three" movement IMO. LeBozo and company just followed their lead.
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