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  1. Unfortunately I see this going 1 of 2 ways. ALL or NONE, look at what the executive director has said repeatedly "the start date is July 27th for Fall sports" he will either keep it the 27th and say start when you can OR he will go with the SMAC rep and say cancel it. The leadership at the FHSAA doesn't want to move to the Spring like other states have...Why you ask...WHO KNOWS!?!?!? I along with a lot of people hope we move Football and Volleyball to the Spring and Baseball and Softball to the Fall. This however makes the most sense so it probably will not happen. IF colleges and other s
  2. I agree Hornet Fan. WE should play, I also feel like the FHSAA should put into place as the governing body of athletics here in Florida procedures for EACH FHSAA member school to follow concerning Covid. Leaving it up to each district or school is crazy in my opinion. You are correct that kids are going to play and have been playing "pick up" games since March. Maybe if sports are cancelled some third party will open up as an option for kids to play to put film out to colleges. Off topic from football, it sucks from what I heard of the FHSAA meeting that the schools down south are h
  3. Hornet you are correct that Seminole County has started back however there are at least two schools of the 8 in the county that had to shut down work outs due to a Covid case. Kids and coaches will contract Covid during the season, the question is how do we handle it at the high school level? Do we shut down the program for a week, two weeks, etc...or do we sit the kid or coach who is sick? We need a statewide policy as to how this will work. ALL schools should treat a positive case in each sport the same. We all know public schools can not afford to test each kid each week or even
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