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  1. Those schools n those states will always have that n you know why.. why other years teams from fla beat schools like that?
  2. Who’s lying? They got their ass whoop by a GA team.. They got clowned for that .. Bit you take it the hardest cause you can’t talk your shot on the national board about a fla team beating the next state... We win some we lose some ...
  3. You think Miami Central is a all star team or has most of the talent in Dade lol
  4. That’s escambia fans that made the trip
  5. Where’s everybody sitting at.. I’m in the central side of course ...
  6. Theirs even Dillard folks here lol
  7. You hate when fl teams lose out of state I see... That means u can’t troll n talk out your ass on the national board... Like the famous lb from your florida state team said last year after they upsets Louisville and I quote OH WELL!
  8. Just say all of s fla should be in 1 class so it wont be s fla dominated
  9. Ill be there Thursday night for the central game
  10. I don’t get it.. how you outplay somebody but give up over 500 ups with 350 Yds on the ground which most of them runs came from the middle ? I’m giving palmetto credit but outplayed? N you only score 21 point on offense? Can’t say they outplayed Central...
  11. You think palmetto outplayed Central.. They only scored 21 on offense n got pounded on the ground .. But it was a good game..
  12. A lot of us Dade guys knew that but we kept quiet and let you do the talking lol
  13. The homie don’t understand that lol.. He says cause Out of the 7 turnovers 5 of them was u force ? I’m like cmon I was at the game... I’m like bruh y’all still got 35-0 in the black hole lol... They got humbled tho...
  14. At Nole bull I know you told me fall back this week but OH WELL(like that FSU LB said ) lmao Apopka Deerfield Armwood STA Escambia Roc Boyz Jones Da West Cocoa F-5 Lakeland Christian Chaminade Universty Christian Champanget Bluntstown Madison
  15. so you dont think Central and palmetto wont be a hell pf a game? Palmetto looks legit from their last game ive seen
  16. Ok im lost. Dillard wouldve been a better match up far as Dillard going up there to do what blow them boys out or being in a nail biter with palmetto?
  17. Man I know u were at the west game but this game was funny live..
  18. That man said he was home watching st pope or whatever that Maryland team name is mopping Central and said god was talking to him? Lmao!!!!!
  19. It was funnier watching it live lmao... That $10 was well worth it...
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