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  1. Hey.. You act like the ACC was hard to compete before the addition of my canes and other teams.. Remember ACC was always a Basketball Conference... That’s why y’all had that conference on lock and you damn right I’m gonna have fun with this while y’all struggle with the black Al Golden... I hope y’all give him a ful 5 years but you n I know they gonna Charlie Strong his ass lmao..
  2. The guy I’m watching on TV right now! Frank Gore!!
  3. Zoe Boy

    8A Region 1

    That’s dope.. 8a period has the depth
  4. First tgat was NMB Chargers not my pioneers.. Second DFB didn’t lost at state to the West... 3rd your comparing y’all to a Miami Central losing 2 games playing stiffer competition in a season.. I’ll give you cypress bay which they were good around that time but don’t make it seem like those other teams was world beaters cause Dillard lost to them... So saying STA stop y’all from getting to State is BS cause y’all couldn’t beat teams that was on y’all level or just a lil bit better then y’all... I was coaching around that time for Broward county school and had my coaching pass to get in free ga
  5. But y’all had 3 L’s that year to Cypress Bay, DFB, and BA n then the lost to STA in the playoffs . So I’m trying to understand who y’all would of beaten that year?
  6. Y’all played STA in 2011 In the season and playoffs and in 2007 how good were you guys?
  7. So STA stop y’all from winning a chip those years? If that was the mentality Dillard had playing against STA then y’all lost before the season started... I highly doubted Dillard players thought like that (I hope not) but if they did that shows you the difference between Dillard and DFB and Miramar’s and Dad schools...
  8. I’ve been to Texas before.. Dallas to be exact beautiful city but it doesn’t compare to Miami or sfla period.. Most of the ppl work getting off at 5 trying to hurry up to get to a football game in this crazy ass traffic then gotta find parking..
  9. It’s call coaching since we don’t have coaching down here lmao... Them boyz flip the script on STA lol...
  10. Ok so it matters for the game to be pack right at the start ? Shoot dolphins games and hurricanes games takes a min for the game to be pack.. Different landscape from sfla n Texas..
  11. What you talking bout? The game was not full? That’s funny it was standing room only and I came in at the second qt and ppl was still lined up out side with ppl out side the gate that didn’t even enter... This game should of been at Lockhart cause you know STA ain’t coming to traz..
  12. STA has no answer for ? Lol we both watch 2 differently game then...
  13. You sure they just blitz up the middle only cause they played zone too..
  14. It’s not surprising cause we seen differences.. I done share your comment with other folks at work that follows HS football and said you don’t know what your talking about.. They said maybe 20-30 years ago you might a have a point but your way off... Agree to disagree tho...
  15. Exactly since MC or “Dade County” teams heave it atleast 10-15 times a game... lmao!!
  16. Yes he did! It was him, Rickey Jean Francois and the famous Willie Williams.... That D was bad ass!!!!
  17. That’s a false statement but that’s your opinion.... I seen more balance offense especially when you have a lot of RB’s that went to D1 schools from Dade and qbs and schools that had balance attack for you to say Dade County is know for heave it Central that I can’t believe you went to more then 50 games and watch a lot of Dade County games... Like I said it’s your opinion...
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