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  1. Well I applaud them for doing it!!
  2. They were saying that last year.. I'm telling you muck they have unknown talent ... Now if you want to question the head coach then I can vibe with you their... He got to prove himself....
  3. Wow I didn't know they were playing CC... That's gonna be a tough game for Oxbridge... Their gonna play against the best QB in dade..
  4. Prep ain't beat BTW.. Your looking at the 3-5 players that's on the rivals list star system crap... I'm telling BTW got unknown players that will emerge... You will see...
  5. They had lost and gain a lot.... Only thing I'm worried about is the new/old coach...
  6. How is that oline coming along at STA?
  7. I bet he still has that 2 rd playoff loss in 2013 in the back of his mind...
  8. Won't happen tho prep got like 4 nice players...
  9. One of the new coaches at BTW is my boy and use to coach with him at Somerset... He didn't tell me much but just told me its reloaded!!!
  10. They just have unknown talent.... I think they lose to STA (I hope not) but it's gonna be a closer game then what people think...
  11. Don't use the transfer excuse in 2012 to say that why yall lost.. 95% of that team was together since their Optimus days playing for overtown rattlers... Last year game BTW led wire to wire and that same desperation pass Treon threw in 11 you can say that last year with your qb... I knew you were even surprise that pass got completed... Will see this year... BTW have a lot of unknown talent like the 2011 team... We will see myfreind....
  12. I don't care if they recruit... Difference between us down south and them is the schools don't recruit.. I'll say the kids recruit each other which makes them transfers if that makes since... They go through out the whole country for players which I don't mind... But I'm not gonna say their num 1 in the state. Their transfers can be nun 1 from another state but I wonder what is the talent they playing against looks like before they transferred to img? Last year they could have been atleast 6-7 teams I think could of beat img...
  13. Nope... Stills go through them Roc Boyz...
  14. I don't mind them recruiting cause those so call 5* coming to fla and playing against better talent... Who knows if their that good
  15. Zoe Boy

    Miami Central

    From what I heard by multiple coaches yes... Far back as the 09 season..
  16. Zoe Boy

    Miami Central

    Ok cause the MC coaches said they never heard from STA ... Which I don't understand because MC plays anybody anywhere anytime
  17. I'm hoping Miramar does well this year..
  18. Zoe Boy

    Miami Central

    Lol it's funny you said that and mr slick is my witness theirs a big STA fan that's on the national site claiming that he has text messages and records showing that MC basically ducking STA... That's why some of the coaches at Central took offense to it and we're basically unhappy about that rumor... How close are you to the STA program..
  19. Zoe Boy

    Miami Central

    STA never contact MC for a game?
  20. Also coached at somerset in the old district 2b.. But I love highschool football and rep fla mainly s fla when I visit other places up north.... I do hope yall get back right... But like the og's say to be the best you got to beat the best.. That's why I still gotta go with BTW and trust me they do have a squad... One of the coaches that coach with me at somerset coaches over there...
  21. I rep North Miami.... I played ands graduated from their... Also practice for beach high ain't stay their for long and went to central for a week lmao....
  22. When glades can get back to their winning ways!!! All respect for glades central and the muck!! All love love baby!! Season do starts in August... Can't wait!!!!
  23. Not true.. They have 3 transfers from northwestern if I'm not mistaken and a dline coach from da west that I use to coach with at another school...
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