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  1. I think you mean Southridge, Chaminade, and Cypress Bay led by Mark Guandolo?
  2. I guess choose your transfers and winning seasons wisely...
  3. If I am not mistaken, in FL enrollment always has been and likely always will be the first and strongest rule applied to classification. What this rule in PA is going to create is schools will "take the hit" to get big time athletes in but a "regular Joe" will never be allowed to transfer athletically. Even if it is for a legit reason the school will not allow the kid on the team unless he is worth getting penalize for. You are penalized the same way regardless of the talent level. Schools in highly talented areas will be at an advantage to take in the transfers and more picking to take from. Sounds crazy but is what I am describing a possible scenario with this new rule?
  4. 2019 LB Khembrel Leon has transferred from Hallandale to Carol City. 2020 S Jack Kalichman has transferred from North Broward Prep to Seminole Ridge. 2020 DT Bobby Washington Jr has transferred from Deerfield Beach to St. Thomas Aquinas. 2020 WR Jahvante Royal has transferred from McArthur to St. Thomas Aquinas. 2020 WR/S Ethan Corbijn has transferred from Archbishop McCarthy to St. Thomas Aquinas. 2019 OLB Avery Huff has transferred from McArthur to St. Thomas Aquinas.
  5. As far as the number of teams making the playoffs, how many teams are there playing HS football in FL in 2018 versus say 1980? Is the overall increase in teams making the playoffs proportionate with overall increase in HS enrollment and state wide school growth?
  6. I had thought McArthur had a pretty solid 2020 QB already over there...
  7. Captain, we might have a leak in the ship.
  8. How much money is generated off Texas HS football versus FL HS football?
  9. “Rich like crazy”...Really? Those schools could not afford the light bills at Texas public school stadiums.
  10. Not sure where you are going with this but I guess it will end up race related ( as most of your posts do) .... Football speaking Texas “public” schools should not be compared to public schools in FL or nationally pretty much anywhere as it is an extreme example and far from the norm. Texas Public schools budgets combined with boosters probably make most FL and Cali private school available funds look like peasants and panhandlers.
  11. No need to prematurely sweat or worry about this one @ 941football. I think Corey ‘s suspense has the Venice football community on red alert stand by:
  12. 2020 LB Devon Betty transferred from Miramar to STA ( several months ago) . Betty has offers from Texas, Oklahoma, Ohio St and more.
  13. Eagles lost their best defensive player (a 3* DE/LB to DFB) and a few other players. Same deal every couple years. Just when they look like a likely playoff team and produce D1 (even Power 5 UM, TCU,WVU,) Lineman, and RBs (Kansas) they sometimes land at DFB or local Privates usually for their Senior year. . Douglas usually has a hefty OL but it appears to be thinner then usual this year. They might be able to trade blows with a decent Canadian team but they are not on the level of most of those teams in the Freedom Bowl. Douglas is well coached but it has to be a very emotional time for the Marjory Stoneman Douglas community as a whole - well beyond football. I'll be rooting for anything positive to happen in Parkland - on and off the field.
  14. I don't think these were high profile players but probably a little extra depth. CM versus DFB should be a good one. 14 is a hefty number versus DFB but CM will be Home....This match will be on my list to try to attend. The transfers seem about par for the course with the Bucks this time of year...Both Chaminade and DFB will likely get a few more in over the next couple months as well. By the way, do you know who CM has for the Pre-Season scrimmage and where?
  15. Few more from Piper, Stoneman Douglas, and Coral Springs recently made the move to DFB.
  16. PB Central will play Dwyer on 8/17/2018. Should be a good one.
  17. Yes. That is somewhat normal. Sometimes a recruiter likely wants to be sure “all the bases are covered” or “leave no stone unturned “ of any student athlete of interest at each school so they can then move on to the next school and so on.
  18. As several other posters have stated...Columbia 2018 will likely be determined by defense.
  19. Columbia is almost as loaded as Doral Academy this year.
  20. Not sure....What I do know is the weaker 7A powers become in Columbia's playoff path the happier you get. What if your dream becomes true this year. What if Columbia gets to face STA for states?
  21. That is music to ColumbiaHighFan's ears!
  22. I don't think there is a way to search by individual HS.
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