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  1. This could be the Year Of The Muck! MuckOwl will rise again!
  2. Solid, but let's be honest when they caught Ely, Boyd Anderson and Dillard in some of those years they were probably 2-6 win type seasons for many of those games. They have probably made punching bags in the playoffs versus Stranahan, Fort Lauderdale and Hollywood Hills as well... They also have no choice but to play those games since it is the post season. What is Dwyer's record against any Broward or Dade teams in the regular season? Broward and Dade top teams play one another to make things interesting. Palm Beach top teams like to mix it up with with Broward and Dade as well. Is there a reason Dwyer does not want to join party? It's only been over 25 years of existence, right?
  3. Finally getting by AHD last year after 6 years was a step in the right direction. Getting outscored by University School 57-28 combined in 2 losses was not.
  4. Not in the history of Dwyer football . Just saw this on a Larry Blustein retweet (of all teams): https://twitter.com/RyanEpstein1026/status/999615287854096386
  5. Dwyer @ Cardinal Gibbons tonight at 6 PM. Even though it is May, one should always appreciate Dwyer football anytime they enter Broward County.
  6. Champagnat Catholic will be @ North Miami (NM Stadium) tonight at 7 PM
  7. Any result or date for this game?
  8. Dwyer heading into Broward? It must be May.
  9. Not going to use the cliche but for the most part, Defense is King in the big ones...
  10. Absolutely. But the other important question you should also be asking yourself is how does modern day Columbia stack up to 1997 Columbia?
  11. Probably safe to say Gio Richardson is the established QB at Oxbridge Academy. However, Johnson appears to be athletic enough to probably play WR/DB and dominate 3A for the most part. Surely would be a plus to that roster with some added beef to the LOS and Oxbridge would probably be back in business as a likely high probability to get back to Orlando.
  12. Are you talking about the Option QB/ATH for Martin County?
  13. Well, it happened...Columbia is not the first team to lose a State Championship to a National Power in FL. By the way how did St. Thomas Aquinas do in 1997?
  14. Answer this question please. Were you even born in 1997? Tell us more about that game...
  15. Has GC established their QB yet or are they still sorting that out? GC will find their way...They usually do. I expect 4A - 4 to be very entertaining this year with BTW ,US and perhaps Edison the likely front runners and Glades Central in the mix for that 3/4 spot.
  16. You tell me... You tell all of us how two clear cut starters for Columbia showed upon the 2018 roster without you noticing them or doing your due diligence of posting on the Transfer thread? You have no problem staying updated on other transfers around the state, right?
  17. I'll tell you what. These guys are no slouches either. Seen their film and Camiel supposedly has a offer from Cincinatti. If these made the move to Columbia without ColumbiaHighFan2017Class updating and reporting it.....it could be worse then Spygate and Watergate put together. The fact that Columbia snuck these players in and him not referencing it. If that is the case. That sneaky, conniving SOB. There is no reason he could not mention it in this string after being excited about and knowing Columbia's 2018 roster better then his 2015 Venice @ Columbia playoff media guide hidden under his bed. I'm calling for an investigation of ColumbiaHighFans2017Class knowledge of this matter!!!
  18. ColumbiaHighFan2017class, can you confirm : 2019 DB Ahmad Williams transferred from Winter Park to Columbia High 2020 OLB/DE/SS Le'Vontae Camiel transferred from JeffersonCounty to Columbia High
  19. You very well may be right. But for now they have been pumping out as much talent as anyone in PB County over the last 3-4 years....
  20. I believe the team he played for first made the playoffs in history his Senior year in which they won their first round game.
  21. His primary position on the team was QB where he was pretty successful amassing over 3,000 passing yards over his Junior and Senior seasons. He was also a All American Punter and Kicker.
  22. I'll give you a hint. It is not a private school.
  23. No...I want you to figure it out. Like you dangle the carrot for us with your trivia and we get stumped. How does it feel?
  24. You forgot a very good one from Broward County who played for FSU.
  25. How times have changed. -Oxbridge Academy
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