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  1. Dixie county vs Pahokee

    He also predicted us to lose to Fort Meade by 10. We beat them 27-0 so I wouldnt rely on those predictions my friend.
  2. Who will win each division Prediction Thread

    He's ok he was hurt before friday though. He's not playing this week either. We are resting him for the 2nd round of playoffs. And about Dixie County they are physical team we respect them and it should be a good game.
  3. Who will win each division Prediction Thread

    1A Trenton? lol Pahokee all the way..
  4. Trenton Football

    Thanks and goodluck to you guys as well.
  5. Trenton Football

    Tigerfan1 Yes i am #56
  6. Trenton Football

    Well it should be a must see game..
  7. Trenton Football

    Trenton has not faced adversity all year.. I wonder how will they respond being down in a game.
  8. Trenton Football

    Good game bro Gc has a squad every year but our Qb played injured. I hope you guys make it to the championship we gotta put the Muck on the map.
  9. Trenton Football

    In my opinion with Trenton blowing everyone out this year thats not so good for the team. How will your players react when adversity hit and your down in a game. When we played Fort Meade they fell apart after being down 14-0
  10. Trenton Football

    Broward you couldnt have said it any better Pahokee is Underrated but we dont care. We shut out the #1 team in 1a. We just are going to take these one week schedules at a time and play Muck City football.
  11. Dixie county vs Pahokee

    Im not saying Trenton has slow white boys. im just saying even though we shut out Fort Meade their running back still had 179 rushing yrds. I dont think Trenton would contain him
  12. Dixie county vs Pahokee

    But in my opinion I like Fort Meade over Trenton.
  13. Dixie county vs Pahokee

    Dixie County is a good team and we respect them it should be a good game.
  14. Pahokee defeats Fort Meade 27-0!!

    Tigerfan1 yeah your right the south is loaded its going to be a tough playoffs
  15. Pahokee defeats Fort Meade 27-0!!

    Thanks Tigerfan1 I cant wait to play Trenton it should be a good game.