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  1. Counties with Most Public School State Champions

    It is not Orange. Orange only has Apopka, Dr. Phillips and Evans (shared title). Bishop Moore has two but is a Catholic school. Substitute Polk and you may be right. I forgot that Brevard has had several public schools win states: Rockledge, Cocoa, Merit Island, Palm Bay, etc.
  2. Counties with Most Public School State Champions

    Polk, Dade, Escambia
  3. IMG @ St. Frances Academy

    I think a lot of the teams outperforming are doing so due to some of the better programs underperforming. In other words, I am not sure that there is a lot of real improvement on part of several teams that have winning records this year. In watching the Evans' game versus Apopka, I am not sure that Evans is really any better than they have been over the past five years. Yet, they probably finish 6-4 and could even finish 7-3 (I give them a 50/50 chance of doing the latter if the back to back losses don't get to them).
  4. IMG @ St. Frances Academy

    I believe Proseteye would also endorse that opinion.
  5. 12 Interesting Games Next Week

    You think? I was just sayin that LM could also win the district if they beat the Darters. I am slipping, but not that badly yet. Yes, see you in Daytona.
  6. 12 Interesting Games Next Week

    The winner of this game wins the district. Apopka will still be in contention for a spot if it loses, less so Lake Mary.
  7. Best victories on Vero's 60 game winning streak

    The question is: how do they do in the playoffs?
  8. Here is a Daisy Chain!!!

    On any given night, a team may have kids out with injuries and/or suspended. If the team is not deep, it makes all the difference in the world. Matchups are a part of the equation, but with 15-19 year old kids you also don't get the consistency you would from adults.
  9. Here is a Daisy Chain!!!

    It's parity. No real difference among those teams. On any given night ...
  10. FINAL DILLARD 21 COLUMBUS 20 Dillard moves to (9-0!!)

    LOL, I thought those private schools were supposed to have great kicking games!
  11. FINAL DILLARD 21 COLUMBUS 20 Dillard moves to (9-0!!)

    Did Columbus go for two and get stopped or did they miss the X point?
  12. IMG @ St. Frances Academy

    Yes, this has got to be one of the worst years I have every seen in the past 22 seasons I have watched Florida football. Maybe APK does win the 8A title after all!
  13. Vero Beach shuts out Chaminade 21-0

    I did not think VB could have won this game so impressively. Statement win!
  14. Beating Chaminade is better than beating Oscar Smith???

    Impressive performance by VB.
  15. FINAL DILLARD 21 COLUMBUS 20 Dillard moves to (9-0!!)

    How is the flow? Which team seems to be playing better football?
  16. FINAL DILLARD 21 COLUMBUS 20 Dillard moves to (9-0!!)

    Tied at zero?
  17. FINAL DILLARD 21 COLUMBUS 20 Dillard moves to (9-0!!)

    I think Dillard wins by 7 to 10 points. Columbus is not as good as last year. With that, Dillard has an unbeaten season.
  18. Thursday night games

    I think it is just a teacher workday in Orange County. I will ask the wife when she gets home. As an administrator she gets to work even though the kids are out.
  19. Columbiafan top 50 FL rankings post week 8

    One year, 2005, they did pull the huge upset against MNW in the semis. But in the title game they did choke against an okay Palm Beach Gardens team.
  20. Thursday night games

    In Orange County, it was due to today (Friday) being a student holiday. Since several Seminole County teams were in districts with Orange County teams, inter-county were play was on Thursday. In Dade County Thursday night games are usually due to shared field arrangements as many (probably the majority) of Dade public schools don't have their own fields.
  21. Region 1, 8A 4

    You were. The West Orange game could have gone either way. WO lost because the QB they started was not able to find his receivers with any consistency. But the WO defense did a great job containing Apopka's offense. Evans did not have enough on its defensive front to stop Apopka's run game and Apopka's offensive line punished them, especially in the second quarter. In fact Apopka's third touchdown, was scored despite Evans tackling the runner more than eight yards out. However, the line was able to push him into the end zone despite this. I agree on Lake Mary being a tough game mostly, in my opinion, because their quarterback is very talented for a sophomore and they have a couple tall receivers. Further, with last night's results, I think the winner of this game wins the district, so a lot is at stake.
  22. Region 1, 8A 4

    There are six teams in this district: Apopka, Evans, Lake Brantley, Lake Mary, Ocoee and West Orange. Currently, Apopka and West Orange are 2-0, Lake Mary and Evans are 1-1, and Ocoee and Lake Brantley are 0-2. Having already beaten Lake Mary and Evans, West Orange is in the best position to win the district. A victory over Apopka in their contest should wrap it up unless either Ocoee or Lake Brantly upsets them. Of the two, Ocoee probably has the best chance due to the long standing rivalry between the two teams. Apopka is in the next best position with games remaining against: West Orange, Lake Mary and Evans. While I favor Apopka against all three, any of the three has a decent chance of pulling the upset. Lake Mary does because they have a quality quarterback and Apopka struggles most against the pass. West Orange, athletically matches up evenly against Apopka and this should be a down to the wire game. Evans is the dark horse. For the first time since Chip Gierke's brief stint there, they seem to be back to life. Of the three remaining district games Evans is the only team that has a chance to straight out out athlete Apopka. As things stand in the district, a playoff spot is Apopka's to lose. However, there is a real possibility that that could occur.
  23. Central Fl State Final Trivia

    I am going to guess Seminole, St. Lucie and Lake. This is a blind guess, though.
  24. Final 4 Trivia Question

    Yes, she would! No doubt about it. CCC is from her neck of the woods also.
  25. Chaminade Vs Vero

    I remember that game. Vero was favored and got upset by a hot and cold Venice team. The following week, Edgewater beat Venice but lost in the State game to Norland when Norland's QB launched a Hail Mary with about 30 seconds on the clock.