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  1. I agree, not huge like Camping World, but more than big enough to hold even a monster high school crowd.
  2. Tampa would be fine by me. Florida State has also hosted in the past, so, one way or the other, they will find a host, if it's not O town!
  3. I used Ref (referee) because you are part of the officiating crew. I meant no insult. Regarding the police, they reflect the training they receive and the general perception they have towards the population they are supposed to serve. Back in the late 1990s, I took a well paid civilian job with the Sheriff's office of one of the Central Florida counties. Despite great benefits and a 40 hour workweek, I left that job after six months, and returned to my former employer (sixty hour workweeks and all with no overtime). I did so because I found the attitude that was pervasive there towards poor people in general, and people of color specifically, was difficult for me to deal with. And this attitude was pervasive, it included almost all the deputies as those of color were not exempt.
  4. If our malaise were shared, I would not be pissed. But it is not. The maldistribution of wealth in contemporary USA, is off the charts. There are far fewer beggars on the streets of Shanghai or Bijing than they are in the USA. Of course, most people here don't realize this. But I have been fortunate enough to travel, and I have seen a lot.
  5. Ref, that is only part of the problem. A general frustration has been building within the country over at least the last 30-years of which what you refer to is only part of the issue. Wages for all working people have not kept pace with the cost of essential items, and good jobs with decent benefits have become increasingly scarce due to the de-industrialization of the country. While this may have affected people of color to a greater degree, it has affected all of working class America. Hence, the decline in expected life among the population in general. I believe that the demonstrations reflect this in addition to the circumstances surrounding the tragic death of Mr. Floyd. The Coronavirus and our response has only exacerbated what has been brewing for a long time.
  6. Coach, we are in a bad place. I have seen this before. It does not end well. I hope I am wrong.
  7. Coach, be patient with him. He makes an old man like me look like a pup. He probably isn't aware of HUDL.
  8. Hey, depending on the quarter, score and time on the clock, I am probably going to punt!
  9. Does not look like the adult version of him, but I am going to guess: Dwayne Bowe, Miami Norland High School, LSU college and Kansas City Chiefs. The only reason for the guess is I know he wore # 80 at both LSU and Kansas City. So, I am guessing the same number at Norland. Funny thing is I was at the Norland/Edgewater game in 2002. One of the coldest nights I have ever attended a football game at in Florida.
  10. That's mean of you, Just a Coach. It is also uncharacteristic.
  11. You talking about my man, Columbiafan? He is alive and well on the National Football board with the sharks, barracudas and other predator fishes.
  12. Depends on whether you count only his relatively short head coaching stint or include his stint as a coordinator at more schools than one.
  13. Rick always subscribed to the theory that two bad things occur when you throw the ball and only one good thing occurred. So, he figured he did not like those odds. Hence, a run oriented system was a must. After employing the veer for a while, he decided on Single Wing, because no one was using it. I think he figured if no one was employing it, then most team would have a devil of a time stopping it. You can't stop a deceptive system that you never see very effectively. Thus, was born his love affair with the single wing ...
  14. I heard Castle was over 150 years old. It sure feels like it!
  15. Alonzo Johnson, Rutherford Rams and UF. Career at Philly Eagles?
  16. Bingo. Their coaches are not trying to break the rules. And this is what you are not seeing. If they had coaches that put pressure on them to go out to organized practice, how would they respond? You may give an answer that they would not comply, but do you really know that for sure? And, yes, they are kids. They may have adult bodies and "think" they are adults, but in reality most 16-18 year olds are in that crazy, confusing phase between being kids still and taking on adult responsibilities. To confuse them with being adults as I understand the term, is way off the mark. But like I said, I am done. We can agree to disagree like adults, or you can argue with yourself, for I am done on this and the other matter.
  17. I think you are doing all the politicizing. I am just trying to stay safe. The arguments you make comparing the flu to this virus are asinine at best. We don't have familiarity with this virus and we also don't have the level of "population immunity" to it. I have not had the flu in over 30-years probably because I am immune to most of its strains. I would never assume that with respect to Covid-19. I had some respect for you last football season. Don't let it all go out the window. We have nothing else to say to each other on this matter. I am out.
  18. No, I am not. I am saying what Bad Bird said. Punish the adults, not the kids. I am not going to argue with you on the matter. You have your opinion and I have mine. I don't know if you have ever coached, been a player or had a kid on a competitive team. But if any of this applies, you really ought to have a better perspective.
  19. Dude, it came in late winter because it did not migrate to humans in China till early winter, late fall. I guarantee you the second spike here will be in the fall.
  20. Knock yourself out. I will not be attending your funeral.
  21. No, like the polio vaccine that is highly effective. If we can't develop an effective vaccine or treatment, then life as I have know it, will never return to normal for me.
  22. Not the point, though. The players are competing for starting positions and even to just make roster. Failure to go out and practice would surely jeopardize this objective.
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