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    Thank you. You take care, too. This storm could be one for the ages.
  2. Darn, Dillard melted down in the second half. Weather may have been a factor, but to fall apart like that is not good with STA coming up soon.
  3. Game playing out the way I expected it would. Unless MNW tires, they will beat Columbus with speed.
  4. Is there a stream of this game that can be accessed for free?
  5. I believe that they are using MaxPreps rankings this year. RPI has gone by the wayside.
  6. You can add second year football school, Horizon, to that list. They are unbeaten, too, and should go either 7-3 or 8-2 in the regular season.
  7. Their hands are tied. When you have the ability to pretty much enroll wherever you want, what can they do?
  8. Although I agree that SFA was penalized by bad calls, I have seen worse over the time I have watched the game here in Florida. The worst calls, obviously, was the drive where the ball was first stripped but the player was called down and on the subsequent play where the tight end did not have possession when the ball crossed the line. SFA was clearly better than Venice and should have won by about an additional 14 points if not for questionable calls.
  9. He's a Lakeland supporter, not a Kowboy. If the game is played (I hope it is), Lakeland is the favorite. However, I would be very surprised if they put a running clock on Osceola, a team with a very strong defense. I believe Lakeland is rightly the favorite, but I don't expect the final margin in the game to be by more than 14 regardless of who wins it.
  10. The Offense is a work in progress. We have a shot at Edgewater. We have very little chance against Seminole. Check with me at the end of the season. The team may or may not be significantly better.
  11. Winter Park's biggest problem from a ranking standpoint is strength of schedule. North Gwinnet was supposed to rectify that. However, it turns out they are down this year. Now I don't think WP knew that when they scheduled the game, but it is what it is. I think they run the table and finish 10-0 in the regular season. Then we will see whether they are a contender or they just took advantage of a weak schedule. They do have a quick score offense that is difficult to stop. Regarding Lincoln, Mainland, Lake Minneola and Bartram Trail, this Friday will tell us a lot.
  12. I think your rankings are good, overall. I would make a few changes. But that is to be expected, as individuals tend to have differences of opinion. I do agree that Seminole is the top team in Orlando Metro until results(if they do) indicate otherwise. A couple examples. I think you are underestimating Lincoln. I think you are overestimating Mainland, I think Winter Park should be in the top 50, for now, probably in the bottom 5 top 50 teams. I also Lake Minneola should be ranked in the bottom of the top 10 in their class, and at least on the bubble in the top 50, if not at the bottom of the top 50 itself. They will likely beat Mainland this Friday. This is not a wish on my part, as I am rooting for Mainland to win the game. However, having watched film of both teams, I am leaning Lake Minneola.
  13. I think Northwestern would beat Homestead and Gibbons. I also think that they would probably out athlete Columbus. With respect to order of confidence: 1. Gibbons 2. Homestead 3. Columbus. I am least confident they beat Columbus.
  14. Pretty good rankings. The only things I would probably adjust would be: Put MNW a couple spots higher and have BTW replace Norland at the 10th spot.
  15. What's most important is consistency. There have been teams, probably more than 1 to 2% that have won state titles in Florida after giving up 40+ points in one game, especially if it's early in the season. However, very few teams have won a state title in Florida if the average number of points per game for the season including the playoffs exceeds 25. More than 90% have given up an average of 19 points or less.
  16. Maybe he's arguing that the Bulls would have won 49-42 if the missing kid had played.
  17. Same thing happened with the Osceola/Apopka KOC. Funny thing is that two hours before game time it was bright and sunny with not a cloud in the sky.
  18. Yes he is a major loss. I don't know how good the backup is, but he gave Apopka's defense fits particularly in the first half. He could be the difference between a relatively deep playoff run for WO and a quick exit if they make the playoffs.
  19. Huge loss for them. He's the reason they beat Apopka. Very good mobility and decent arm.
  20. If I were in South Florida for the weekend, I would attend this game.
  21. Told ya. West Orange is a good team but they have some significant weaknesses. They actually kept the game closer than I thought they would.
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