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  1. In basketball, that is true in Orlando. In football, that is not the case at all. While the correlation between school population and football is not 1/1, in largely white schools the football team is, well, largely white. In more diverse schools, it is largely black. In private schools, that have strong teams, both in Orlando and the rest of the state, it is largely minority.
  2. In Orlando, it goes both ways. WP picked up a Bishop Moore two way starter. Apopka has in the recent past, picked up a kid from TFA. Mike Brewster transferred from Lake Highland to Edgewater. Those are notable private to public transfers. But the list of public to private is much longer. In Orlando, this is more pronounced in basketball, as aside from Bishop Moore and, to a lesser extent, TFA, most of the privates here don't have very strong football programs. But in Broward county, that is not the case at all. The privates dominate football. Recently, Columbus has been showing signs in Dade o
  3. Old School, to be honest, I have no problem with a private school taking in an impressive athlete as a 9th grader with a scholarship or whatever they can use to entice him/her. In that situation, they are assuming some degree of risk as the kid may not fulfil early promise. On the other hand, I do have an issue with these same privates taking in Juniors and Seniors from public school programs via recruiting. It just seems to me that this is a blatant attempt to poach talent from publics after coaching staffs have invested heavily in developing the athlete. Further, this later stage recruiting
  4. We got change. I would not necessarily call it progress. Indeed, regress seems more appropriate to me. But I am just a poor, old, third world type. So what would I know?
  5. It is a pity Ely no longer keeps its talent. No hate on DB, but Ely was very good back in the day, and I miss seeing them being competitive. I guess they are similar to Evans in Orlando which loses most of its talent to: Edgewater, Wekiva, Dr. Phillips, Jones, etc.
  6. Dillard looked good. But it was hard to say how good due to Ely looking weak. I would need to see a more competitive game before I could really rate Dillard objectively. It's a pity the public schools in Broward did not get a chance to play in the playoffs.
  7. I watched about a half of the game. Ely has fallen so much from what they were 15-20 years ago. Can you provide any insights into why they have dropped so far below the Ely of 20 years ago?
  8. Winter Park had one very good drive in the second half. I think they got two or possibly three first downs on it. Then there was the fumble on a bad exchange that Apopka was able to fall on. After that, WP was pretty much out of the game. Apopka played beyond my expectations largely due to changes made on offense both with respect to personnel and formation. It also helped that they were healthy coming into the game as they were hit hard by injury during the regular season. The trick is to stay healthy and keep their game at last night's standard or higher. If they can do that, they have
  9. The Raiders have a shot, but need to play mistake free football. If I lived in Brevard County, they would be my team. I have much respect for Rockledge.
  10. Got to get by West Orange first, and then likely Oviedo (but it could be a Lake Mary rematch). West Orange beat Apopka 15-14 in overtime in the regular season and has been playing well. If Apopka can play as well as it did against Winter Park, I think they win. But it won't be easy. The regional final should be easier, but I would not look past any team in the playoffs. Apopka's defense is very aggressive and some quarterbacks don't respond well to it as they are forced into decisions more quickly then they are used to. I think that affected the WP quarterback's performance tonight. Havin
  11. In its best complete game of the season, Apopka beat the Winter Park Wildcats by a final score of 33-7. Prior to this, our best performance was 3 quarters and five minutes against Jones, before the team melted down. Apopka used its week off to make substantial changes to its offense, both with respect to lineup and formations. It paid off handsomely. If Apopka can stay healthy and continue to play at the level displayed tonight, they have a shot at making it back to the 8A championship game assuming Covid-19 does not make an appearance. Great game, Darters!
  12. It has been a strange year in so many respects ... and it's not over yet.
  13. So, I watched the Vero/Osceola game in its entirety. A few comments. First, the game was very close at the half, as VB led 13-7. Osceola committed a three needless personal fouls, but managed to mitigate the damage. In the second half, VB did not score till almost the 8 minute mark to take a two score lead. They scored again and put the game out of reach. It was pretty obvious that all was not well with the Osceola QB in the second half though they tried to disguise it. He did not play in their first series which ended with a pick, giving VB a short field from which they achieved their two sco
  14. Winter Park is much deeper on offense as of Apopka's last game. To beat WP, Apopka will have to replicate the Seminole High, third round game last year. Be opportunistic on defense and special teams, using them to set the offense up in very good field position. If Apopka cannot do this, then WP will win this game. With that said, I would be surprised if WP scores more than 17 based on what I saw of them in the two games I watched. But 17 could easily be enough.
  15. I would agree except they have failed so many times, I am reluctant to pick them. They just seem to freeze in the playoffs for whatever reason.
  16. West Orange has two impressive wins against Ocoee. But they also have a loss to an average Lake Brantly team. Right this minute, Palmetto down in Dade probably has the best shot at the title, as Central Florida does not have a standout team. Seminole probably wins Region 1. It is hard to say how good they are. They returned a lot from last year and they impressed me last year. But they also lost a good head coach, so there is that. With Lohman, Apopka would have probably beaten West Orange. But WO has improved since that game. Apopka is about the same on defense as they were a year ago.
  17. So, after looking at some Winter Park film, I have concluded Apopka will have a difficult time moving the ball with any regularity as WP's run stop defense is very sound. On the offensive side of the ball, though they line up in a wide open spread formation, WP runs the ball probably 70+ percent of the time. They have a couple good backs; however, if Apopka's defense is healthy, I don't think they will have a lot of success running it. In the only full WP game I watched, WP's kicker did not kick the ball very deep. This could be a vulnerability as Apopka has some decent return men. In fa
  18. They could have found other schools competing in the playoffs to go to. It just seems to me that the purpose of a school should be, well, learning for all aspects of life. If you want to go to a sports academy and you have the resources, well, have at it. But I just have a problem with setting up a new school for the unexpressed purpose of fielding a football team.
  19. Tru Prep is a bogus school. In effect it is the University High Football team. I suppose it is fitting that it plays another bogus school, IMG. God Bless America!
  20. Miami Palmetto and Miami Central are also in the playoffs.
  21. I have watched Timmy since his youth football days in Apopka. While he has mobility, I would classify him as a prostyle QB. Why? His instincts. He does not have many design run plays and tends to take off only when the pocket breaks down. I would be surprised if he runs much at the next level. Physically, and instinct wise, he reminds me of a Jacory Harris or even a Gunnar Smith. Regardless, he is a quality football player who might have played his high school ball at Apopka if the Darters had a more open offense.
  22. Seminole has had one bad game (Spruce Creek). I am not close to the program to know if there were any mitigating factors. It could have been that they just had a bad game. It could be key players missed the game for any number of reasons. What I do know is that last year, although Apopka won by 20 in the third round, that game could easily have gone the other way. They were driving comfortably in their first possession and had moved the ball inside the Apopka 15 when the ball carrier got hit hard and coughed it up. Apopka took it about 80 yards the other way, flipping the field on them and two
  23. Sorry to hear that. Edgewater needs all the work it can get.
  24. If Edgewater can make up for the disrupted season, I think they have as good a shot as they did last year. I also think Jones will be in the mix in 5A again. Regarding 8A, I think Seminole high will give Palmetto all it can handle. So, I think Central Florida has a chance at its best year ever.
  25. Okay, you got a point for those three. But in 8A, Columbus, Western and some others had a legitimate shot. Also in 4A, I don't think BTW opted in. So some of the titles will have different champs than they would have in a normal year. But I go back to the point I made. In thirty years no one will remember the circumstances surrounding this year. All they will see in the record books is who won the titles.
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