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  1. https://theanswerorlando.com/radioshow/blue-darter-sports-central Above is a link to a BDSC podcast!
  2. Jones will score more than 14. Will they score enough to win? That I don't know. If the West were about at last year's level, Jones would have a real shot. If they are a lot better then we will see ...
  3. Apopka versus Osceola will be decided by 7 points or less if the game is exclusively Varsity. I am not going to pick a winner as I feel I may in some ways be biased.
  4. I believe that those rankings are only for the four highest classes 4 and 3 Metro and Suburban. So that would explain the absence of Chaminade.
  5. You need to deal with a governing body in another state if you want that kind of data.
  6. I was at the two underlined games, as well as at the second win against Lake Gibson. It is is ironic that neither Armwood nor Central could have kept the state title regardless of the on the field result. In the Lincoln game, Armwood came in the heavy favorite. But they basically gave the game away. I seem to remember Lincoln taking a blocked Armwood field goal attempt to the house for six among other things. I think Armwood felt it had won the state title in its semi-final win and probably did not play its best game that afternoon.
  7. If memory serves me right, Plant has four state titles in this century and Armwood two.
  8. I would rank Dillard at 3. I would also have Columbus somewhere in the top 15. Aside from that, I mostly agree with your ranking
  9. Expectations at Dillard are high. That can be both a blessing and a curse. I expect Dillard and St. Thomas to fight it out for the right to play for the state title this year. We will see if Dillard can prevail.
  10. Very true, especially since Osceola moved up to the highest class in the last 8 years. Luck of the draw I guess. But now it's an impossibility.
  11. Hopefully this game is played in good weather. I think it should be an entertaining, competitive matchup. It's funny to think that there will be no chance for a rematch in the playoffs. Good luck to the Kowboys in their quest for a deep run.
  12. Correct. In fact, the same applies to the first three games of the regular season. So, unless it is a really good game, it is not worth it.
  13. At full capacity, WO can hold about 5,000 to 6,000 with some standing. Decent size, but not huge.
  14. At West Orange would not have made sense. WO is about 15 miles away from Jones in the very western part of Orange County.
  15. Yes, right across from the school. But it is very small. When Jones plays big home games (Edgewater, Apopka, etc.), it is often at Camping World.
  16. This game is at Camping World Stadium (the old Citrus Bowl). 65,000 capacity. Hopefully, the Bulls travel well for the game. Camping World is just up the road from Jones High, so I am sure their faithful will turn out in droves, as they are still smarting from the State Title game defeat in 2019.
  17. Depending on a database that is not accurate and is not properly maintained to get rankings is absurd in the extreme. If MaxPreps is compensated for what they are doing, they should install adequate controls over the process and there should be rules in place to penalize habitual offenders. If MaxPreps finds it to be not worth their while to do their assigned task, they should step aside.
  18. I know last year's Venice team would give SFA all it could handle. I have no clue what this year's Venice team will do against them. Best of luck!
  19. Glades Central was better through 2002. Then Pahokee did better through the next decade plus. Now both are trying to recapture their former greatness. The loss of population in the muck area has hurt both teams. Still a lot of talent in the area, but not the quantity that used to exist there.
  20. There is talent in Opa-Locka, too.
  21. Seminole High is as tough; Venice's schedule is also pretty tough.
  22. One of the toughest. Certainly more difficult than Vero Beach's schedule which to me is middling, not weak, but not really tough.
  23. I did not go to the game. But I hear that Apopka ran the ball 90% on offense though they have not abandoned using some spread formations. I know we were up 14-0 well into the fourth when Lake Gibson scored to cut the lead to a score. But Apopka sealed the deal on the next possession. Apopka is young, particularly on defense. But there is adequate talent. Despite a tough district, the playoff appearance streak should remain intact. How far the Darters go, I don't know at this stage. Some young teams improve as the season progresses, and some don't. To have a shot at going deep, Apopka will have to make significant improvement over the course of the season.
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