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  1. #1 8A Bartram Trail #1 7A St. Thomas #1 6A Palmetto #1 5A Rockledge #1 4A Lakewood #1 3A Calvery Christian Ft. Laud #1 2A Victory Christian Academy #1 1A Baker
  2. I have only seen Apopka once this year vs Ocoee who I really thought would be competitive with them, but 3 minutes into the game it was over as Apopka scored three times very quickly making it 21 - 0. Ocoee is not a great team but they are not that bad either, so to me this was a very impressive win for them. I can see Apopka making a deep run in the playoffs this year and I would really like to see the Apopka vs Seminole playoff game happen as I think the winner will make it to states.
  3. Another interesting Central Florida game I would like to add this week is St. Cloud vs Osceola Interesting to see how good St. Cloud really is.
  4. Last week I attended the Western vs Deerfield Beach game, (sitting in the rain mind you) this week I have decided to go to the Apopka vs Winter Park game. If I have to stay late at work, then it will be Western vs Palm Beach Central.
  5. I was at the game as well, and I stayed until the end, I was actually sitting on the Dwyer side and I can only say what I saw, during the handshakes at the end of the game #7 of Dwyer stayed on the sidelines and was not going to shake hands, but the coaches seemed to talk him into going into line, when he got into line, I do not know exactly if he said something or pushed an STA player, but the Dwyer coaches pulled him back out of the line, and as the St. Thomas players were going past him there was a lot of talking between #7 and the STA players, what was being said I do not know, but it was getting bad. Then #7 and then #1 of Dwyer were yelling at the players and #1 through a water bottle towards STA and #7 was standing there talking and then all of a sudden about 5 or 6 STA players went after #7 chasing him around the end zone and then the teams starting running towards each other was well as fans jumping on the field. That is what I saw, who started it I believe was Dwyer, it started from when they arrived and then to get beaten up the way they did. You could see it on the sidelines as the players were very frustrated, I did not foresee a brawl. But then maybe the coaches of Dwyer should have sensed the players emotions, not sure if they could have seen this coming as well. They were fired up to begin the game and then to get dominated the way they did was more then they could handle. Both teams were wrong, STA should be used to teams thinking they are going to beat them and talking trash, STA could and should have just walked away, they had already said their piece in the game.
  6. This was actually a story that the news media blew out of proportion. I was actually at Monarch on the morning and evening this happened. Yes students brought their dogs to school, but were they on the school grounds yes, but not in the school itself, they were all gathered by the athletic fields, there were faculty there, even the principal was there with the students, yes a prank but nothing major done. And yes there was some damage done at the school but not to the extent reported, and yes there was a food fight as well. But stuff like this could happen anywhere, here at Monarch it did cross the line, because any damage is damage no matter how small. My daughter had her Spring Concert that evening, and yes the news trucks were still into the evening, but talking with the principal that evening, it really came down to a few students causing damage and taking the pranks a little to far, and yes he did admit most of the seniors were performing pranks of some sort during the day. But the bright spot to all of this is that in the future I think the school board is going to crack down on the so called senior prank days. Talking with my daughter and asked how the day was at school, she so some of the things being done that was reported, but in a high schoolers eye it was funny and harmless. Even thought it was not, like I told her damage is damage no matter what. It has to be repaired or replaced. And she is now going to be a senior so I better not see her on the news next year. As for the football field, they are raising money, but it will be a couple to few years before it gets done, unless Broward County kicks in some money. I think the $400,000 they think they need is not going to be enough, they only have a football field, but no bleachers, lights obviously, and also would have to do some reconfiguring of the grounds to even get a small stadium. So I do not see this happening anytime soon anyway, unless some massive funds come from somewhere, so that is my 2 cents!
  7. Thanks Broward, You are right about the amount of Thursday games this year, as this year we are using Coconut Creek as our home field, it is tough scheduling when you do not have you own stadium, although Principle Neer is fighting to try and get one built at the school within the next couple of years. It is an ambitious plan but I wish him the best of luck in getting the funds raised. I see that Monarch has 5 games on Thursday nights this year. Be interesting this year if they can make any strides this year to be competitive, but K Ward the starting quarterback from last year has transferred out so right now in the spring it does appear to be another long year for the Knights.
  8. If this is true I am not surprised at all. What I am surprised about that it took this long to finally come out.
  9. I really can only go by the ones I have visited and from that field I would say West Orange, you could see they put alot of money into that facility, new turf field, cameras and sideline televisions for the players and coaches to review plays. I would not put it up there with IMG, but it is the nicest I have personally seen.
  10. Has anybody heard if a coaching change was made at Hollywood Hills, I noticed Al Lang was up in the press box the second half of the season and someone else leading the team and acting as if he was the head coach?
  11. Broward I agree with your rankings, except on the offense I think Monarch was more explosive then this years Coconut Creek team, but we are splitting hairs as they both were dynamic. You could ask 10 people that question and have 5 people agree and 5 disagree. As for this year Flanigan I believe will have their way with Osceola, Flanigans defense is very stoudt and although I do not know much about Osceola, they seem to be more of a running team and that plays right into Flanigan's strength. I saw West Orange a couple of times and I thought they would have been tougher for Flanigan as West Orange impressed me offensively, but their defense although good, would have eventually buckled to Flanigan. But they did not make it, you have to give Osceola credit. Flanigan took a punch from Columbia at the beginning of the game, withstood it and then completely dominated that game, do not let the 30-17 score fool you, this was 30 - 3 game when Flanigan called the dogs off. This game surprised me as I thought this would be a competitive game down to the end, and as it turned out not much of a challenge for Flanigan. I see St. Thomas winning as well, but they seem to be just a methodical team, just goind along doing their business and at the end they win 28-13
  12. Here is a game for you all and it was recent. 2014 Second Round 8-A Playoff Game between Flanigan & Monarch The action started even before the game began, as Flanigan was getting off the buses and coming on to the field the Monarch players were there and waiting and before you knew both teams started going after it as the coaches tried in vain to seperate them, it took nearly 15 minutes to get both teams on their respective sides of the field. Coach Devin Bush was so fired up that it did indeed inspire Flanigan. This pissed Devin Bush off so much that when the game ended he would not shake hands with the Monarch coaches. The first half was dominated by Flanigan and when Flanigan through a long pass down the sidelines with only seconds left before halftime most thought the game to be over as Flanigan led 21-6 at the half. Monarch played bad and committed 3 turnovers in the first half. And as the second half started Monarch was a 3 and out and punted, and here is where the game changed, Flanigan returned the punt for a touchdown to go up 27-6, but the return was called back because of a penalty on Flanigan. This fired up Monarch and you could sense a change, Monarch held them got the ball back, drove down the field scored a touchdown and 2 point conversion and as the 4th quarter started it was 21-14, but Monarch on the next 2 drives threw interceptions, but the defense held and with just under 2 minutes left Monarch scored a touchdown to tie the game and it went into overtime. In overtime Flanigan scored first but missed the PAT, The Monarch did not do much as it turned into 4th from the 5 yard line, so on this play Monarch was throwing to Cavin Ridley Flanigan was called for pass interference, but in High School that is not an automatic first down, but the ball was placed on the 1 yard line so it now became 4th down again from the 1 yard line and Monarch tried a quarterback sneak and Flanigan held them as he did not gain much and the game ended there. Great game as Flanigan had a very strong team, but Monarch lost Calvin Ridley earlier in the season due to age requirements. Had they had him all season I think they had what it took to win it all. He was a dominant player and Monarch had other weapons as well, but you throw Calvin Ridley into the mix and even Flanigans defense would have had to account for him. But a great game and atmoshere. But the transfer rules really affected Monarch this year, a few key players from that Monarch team transfered to Deerfield Beach for this season and they really lifted Deerfield Beach up this season, so along with graduation, transfers, the coach suddenly resigning a few months before the season, totally decimated Monarch to the point it will be awhile before they can compete with the top teams in Broward again. I
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