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  1. Will Palm Beach Gardens do what they did in 2013

    gardens has the size and athletes to do it
  2. Can Dwyer be a factor in 7A?

    I think if dwyer ever has the chance to beat sta it would be this year.... im going 34-27 dwyer in 1 OT
  3. (5-3) CAROL CiTY @ (7-2) DiLLARD 1st ROUND PLAYOFFS

    if dillards dline can win the line of scrimmage the game stays close. I wouldn't fear the passing game that much
  4. College Football Talk

    i think florida state drops because there best wins are against miami and ole miss and those don't look that great anymore IMO
  5. Miami Central

    I believe it's possible the talent gap down there is very thin so it's really any given friday as no team has been dominat this year
  6. Miami Central

    everyone is talking like mc is out of it...?
  7. Miami Central

    https://twitter.com/JTWilcoxSports/status/787134216257605632 the scenarios
  8. Miami Central


    we shall revisit this soon
  10. Will Palm Beach Lakes beat Dwyer this year????

    Who in PB County do you feel can bang with Dwyer and Oxbridge right now gator boy? Park Vista? Boca or Atlantic.... Maybe pahokee
  11. Dillard (2-1) @ Stoneman Douglas (1-1)

    I do think Dillard comes up with the win but not by that margin stoneman douglass's oline and dline will give dillard problems but if dillard can take control with passing game then i see them coming out 30-21 range
  12. Will Palm Beach Lakes beat Dwyer this year????

    I don't think vero is thattt good this year.