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  1. Highlights of the game. Watch "LIT Preseason Matchup: Miami Northwestern vs Rickards - FULL HIGHLIGHTS" on YouTube https://youtu.be/JciT1WgNZK4
  2. Man I drove up there early that morning on a little rest I was tired when i wrote that lol. Yes I meant penalties lol. Hopefully they clean that up soon.
  3. Way too many penalties for the bulls 32 to be exact. This team can be special tho... Good atmosphere for highschool game. http://www.tallahassee.com/story/sports/preps/2017/08/20/rickards-finds-silver-lining-blowout-northwestern/582937001/
  4. Central opening it up now 28 zip at half. Now I see why they not one of top teams in Palm Beach
  5. Game started 20 mins late u haven't missed much but cook score 2 tds... Think central natl ranking based on past success. it's 14 nothing central against a less talented Dwyer team compared to dwyer teams of the past.
  6. Pretty good list. Want to see if Miami High is a contender or pretender in 8A.. http://miami.cbslocal.com/2017/08/16/countdown-to-kickoff-top-20-south-florida-teams/
  7. Think I'm sliding to Dwyer and Cent game Thursday and I'll be in Tally for the West and Rickards.
  8. And that's fine. But you think IMG and Carol City are not trying to win their kickoff classic against each other? Or other top notch games that are scheduled? I'm not saying your view is wrong or right but I just feel you should kno what u have by now going into the season and down here in dade county at least most teams are playing to win these games.
  9. Good teams treat fall kickoff classics as real games. You want to know how good your team is and how they handle in game situations a week before it really counts. 90% of these teams are playing to win.
  10. http://www.post-gazette.com/sports/high-school-football/2017/08/09/Artie-Burns-brother-Thomas-transfer-decommit-miami-recruiting-football-track-and-field-Pine-Richland/stories/201708090120
  11. Not sure if posted or not but Ford is now at the Miami High... Also LB Antwain Kinsey left BTW came to NW then left the West also for Miami High.
  12. Watch "Dolphins Media Day: Tutu Atwell talks HSFB Season" on YouTube
  13. Coach Max and Tutu Atwell discuss Bulls upcoming season. Watch "Dolphins Media Day: Max Edwards, Miami Northwestern Sr. High" on YouTube
  14. Of course I am! U wrote all that for what? Head to head where Dillard at against the West? I can't take Dillard serious losing to a 3 win team last year and year before. Dillard would never make playoffs if they were in NW district.
  15. Yes we do. Alot of us are driving and some are catching the bus up and back
  16. I'm sure we all feel that way. I'll be making the drive from Miami to Tally for our KOC..
  17. I can't wait for the high school football season to start! http://miami.cbslocal.com/audio/joe-rose-show/#.WYUGnXrWlmU.facebook
  18. back in the day lol........ lately what have they done lately????? Last 10 years at least in football??? people like u crack me up always bringing up stuff 20 years ago trying to still be relevant. Is Dillard even a PROVEN top 5 team in broward??? If we didn't kno no better we would think so how u gloat about their past all the time. Also NW and Dillard ARE NOT the same... similar in some ways but different in ALOT of ways.
  19. Inaccurate... enough about MC thats not my school but u trying these Dade school like the Dillard or something lol.. I'm just waitin on u to say the West can't handle a big crowd...
  20. BTW beat STA last year and central smashed BTW last year so that's a mute point mentioning STA...STA picks who they play in dade each year when they feel that team is going to have a down year.. I'd respect them more if the played best teams in dade when team is just as good as they are..
  21. If Central loses to Goreman it's because Gorman is the better team not that they are intimidated. Maybe for u broward cats a crowd of 5k wth screaming fans is scary but when central plays the west it's on front of 10 to 12k unless moved to dolphin stadium. And usually that game is for a district championship which is alot more to play for. To say they will be intimidated as a team is laughable lol.
  22. And none of these dade teams will be shaking in their boots when they play IMG either. So u can throw intimidation factor out the door on either side.
  23. Of course they would say that lol. We will see soon enough... I'm not sold on their QB just yet... I have to see what their looking like when season starts... like CC to beat them in a possible shootout when they play.. Have them 3rd in district.
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