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  1. Shut down. That defense is special.
  2. Mad they took this game off the picks.. I definitely would have made up some ground. NW 10 CC 0... called with 6 min left do to lightning. Game was not as close as score indicates.
  3. Due to the stin storm approaching Florida Northwestern vs Carol City will be this Thursday at 7pm.
  4. Armwood Columbus BTW NW Hoover Lincoln STA Miramar Escambia Charlotte
  5. Carol City 8 over NW? Lol I never go by what pinkos says
  6. Game is over. Central can't run on them and that's their strength.
  7. I think freshman Taron (Tyger) Dickens solidified that he should be the starter from this point forward. If he started the game NW easily puts 50pts on Gibbons.
  8. The love affair with central is crazy. Not sure why they are preseason ranked so high over last 3 years but definitely not third best team in the state.
  9. St Frances De La Salle Deerfield Beach IMG TCA Armwood Raines AHD NW Lakeland
  10. Throw this whole top 25 away smh.
  11. Central stacked their schedule to get ready for playoff run. Interested to see how 6A plays out this year.
  12. Yeah they would welcome them. They would just get it all season long. Especially after they lose. Lol
  13. It's like that too between the 2 schools I'm just not as bad as I use to be. But alot of the fans if not most feel that way. The others just want whoever from 305 to win.
  14. Exactly! I hope you guys win all of your games except when u play us lol.
  15. It's all love bro, we are rivals so you know how it is lol.
  16. They both play their home games at same stadium! Smh lol. So I guess Central lost at home in the playoffs to NW...Yeah you just like Central based off their past success I get it. That's cool. I never said they were overrated by the way.
  17. Old? I guess your in your twenties because 30s and 40s is not old. It amazes me that people have do much to say about teams they know little about. Lol.. Answer this why haven't central won a state title the last 3 years? Who knocked them out of the playoffs or stopped them from making playoffs last 3 years? I don't know your logic on thinking they would beat NW this year other than the regular season win lol. But it's your personal opinion and I respect it just find it funny that's all.
  18. Who won the last game between Central and NW in playoffs? You keep OVERLOOKING that. I think I'd take losing 38 to 10 in regular season and avenge that loss by knocking that same team out the playoffs. Stop looking at this onesided.. Central knew it was win or go home and lost. They had all season to prepare for state. Central had alot of seniors on that team. NW knocked them out of playoffs last 3 years. I don't know nothing about venice and venice has nothing to do with this post. I know about both of these schools central is our main rival. They might win state this year being that Northwestern is out of 6A... Nothing u or anybody says will change my opinion. So again Central? Lol.
  19. Central lost to YOUNG NW team in the playoffs who went on to win state. Did you forget about that? Central strength is their oline and rbs.. I think other than MC Rockets I'd know more what going on with them than most on here. NW is loaded.. With most of top players being 2021 kids. So yeah Central? Lol
  20. SCHEDULE Date Opponent Result 8/167:00p @ Palm Beach Central Kick off Classic Preview Game 8/237:00p Cardinal Gibbons Preview Game 8/317:30p Carol City Preview Game 9/67:00p @ IMG Academy Preview Game 9/127:00p Killian Preview Game 9/208:00p @ Lowndes Preview Game 10/47:30p Central Preview Game 10/117:30p Miami Springs Preview Game 10/187:00p Key West Preview Game 10/257:30p Jackson Soul Bowl Preview Game 11/17:30p @ Edison Preview Game
  21. Central and Carol City hit the jackpot by potentially not having to play NW twice a year and going through NW for a state title. I hate they broke up the classification but everybody in the SEC district of old now has easier path to state.
  22. This game was crazy! Has to be up there in my opinion 2018 Dematha vs Gonzaga
  23. Wow the west by one td over Miramar? Ok...
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