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  1. Also, 2006 was a year The Muck sent 4 teams to the state championship and came back with 3 state championship. Glades Day 1A Pahokee 2B Glades Central 3A So not really slacking
  2. Slacking??? We went 7-3. One of those teams on this list beat us (Pahokee). 10-0 2B State Champion The other team that beat us was a runner up to Bolles (Clewistion). 10-0 2A Runner up Lastly, We lost to a team out of state Powerhouse South Carolina - Byrnes. We also finish with a 3A State Championship over pine forest.... A title game no one thought we would win So if you want to call that slacking then ok.... lets call it that.
  3. Coaching you say??? Glades Central a 2 TD Favorite???? Let me make myself perfectly clear. Dillard, Glades Central has great coaches as well on top of that great athlete. If we both hand business like we should this week, we'll have this conversation again. Pahokee is not Pompano-Ely. I Actually think they are better. Pahokee is indeed small but take the Devils lightly. You get in a dog fight with them Dillard, don't show up the following week.
  4. Most of those lineman are underclassman by the way
  5. We was suppose to be on this list My poor Raiders
  6. Don't say that you going to give my Dillard a hard Attack lol
  7. Santino Homes WR form Glades Central...... and yes he played in a WINNING state championship team that had a better winning streak than Vero. I don't think he was ever beaten in high school. Not to mention, He was a state champion in track as well.
  8. Hey... He would have if the coach didn't blow a 35-14 lead over Lake Wales.
  9. Oh, are we playing Jeopardy????..... Ok What is "state Championship" for 300 Alex I'd rather be 6-4 or 5-5 for 3 years win a 2 state championships than to go 10-0 in the regular season and lose every year in the playoffs. Don't get me wrong I'm not trying to rain on Vero's parade, but I prefer a state championship because, in the end, the 8A state champion will be talking about more than Vero's 61 game winning streak....Unless ...Vero themselves become the 8A State champions. I tell you this though.....If Vero Beach wins the 8A state championship that would be
  10. Same here..... I'm just going to wait till next year and hope for a better like always..... You would understand that more than anyone right Dillard? You're a Panther till the end like I'm a Raider till the end. Good luck to you in the Playoff, beat Miami Central to shut up em bro, and get that state championship.
  11. Dead serious Dillard. We're out the playoffs
  12. Indeed... Muck boy but that Cocoa game in 2010 hurt the worse.
  13. I have a few games. Glades Central's lost to Cocoa in 2010 was a heartbreaking defeat. The score was 13-14. A field goal would have put the Tigers away giving Glades Central its seventh state championship. Madison County Loss to Glades Central in 1999 was another 33-28. Madison County was closing on the victory, but Glades Central scored on with a deep pass in the endzone with seconds left on the clock. Clewiston's loss to Jacksonville Bolles is another in 2006. They lost in overtime 24-27. The reason why this was a heartbreaker because the Muck would have a
  14. No, that's not a typo fellas. Due to an ineligible player, Glades Central has lost the games they've won. Unless they win their appeal, Glades Central will walk into Muck Bowl 0-9. As a diehard Raider fan, It pains me to say it.
  15. For once, I can agree with you Ps: Glades Central @ Dwyer. We go to them
  16. Glades Central offense needs work but our defense took care of business!
  17. University School gained size that's all.
  18. Well not going to lie, we played a sloppy game. However, but our defense beat Oakleaf 12-13. Keep in mind Oakleaf didn't score but one touchdown and that was 87 yard return (very impressive by Keyshawn King) and two field goals. The Raider D-line and linebackers are not to be slept on. They shout Oakleaf's back field down!! Raider 14 explain that. I'm not sure how good they are but the where in front of use an we won. Counting Martin County, this is the 3rd team we shout out in the 2nd half. As much as I hate to brag on a lost, The veteran University School offense could not score in t
  19. -Turnovers - poor execution on offense for Glades Central we had our chance to win we just didn't pull it off - Defense played well in the 2nd Half shutting University out -Penalties - Hopefully, If we both make the playoff, we play University again. I'm pretty sure University doesn't want to play Glades Central again. - As of now, Glades Central has to grow from this...I'd say by the time Gc plays Oxbridge you will know where they stand this year as a team and If they will or will not have a playoff spot. I believe in them and still love my team win, lose ,or dra
  20. Overall our offense didn't play its best game, lots of turnovers on our behalf.... as well as University School. Yes, this can be fixed. I give no excuses for the lost. We wasn't the better team that night against University. I like the fact that my defense didn't quit at all. We shut the out in the half our offense couldn't score. I would love to play them again if we meet in the playoff. The result may not be the same.
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