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  1. Glades Central Vs Dwyer Pahokee Vs Atlantic

    For once, I can agree with you Ps: Glades Central @ Dwyer. We go to them
  2. Week 2 Palm Beach County

    Glades Central offense needs work but our defense took care of business!
  3. Week 2 Palm Beach County

    Oakleaf lost by 1
  4. Glades Vs Oakleaf

    University School gained size that's all.
  5. Glades Vs Oakleaf

    Well not going to lie, we played a sloppy game. However, but our defense beat Oakleaf 12-13. Keep in mind Oakleaf didn't score but one touchdown and that was 87 yard return (very impressive by Keyshawn King) and two field goals. The Raider D-line and linebackers are not to be slept on. They shout Oakleaf's back field down!! Raider 14 explain that. I'm not sure how good they are but the where in front of use an we won. Counting Martin County, this is the 3rd team we shout out in the 2nd half. As much as I hate to brag on a lost, The veteran University School offense could not score in the second half...but neither could we. The same went for oakleaf. I will say this Glades Central offense is what is the issue right now. I seen some WR's step it up, but our Young QB has a lot to learn, as well as the offensive line because our running game wasn't that great either that night. As for these next tough adversaries you speak off, Dwyer: Is going to be interesting. Glades Central's offense will needs to be more productive to top the panther if not expect another close game. Clewiston: I haven't got the chance to see Clewiston yet ,but its personal! We got a score to settle with them! Oxbridge:....If it was any team that worries me on Glades Central schedule,Oxbridge Academy is that team! A win over this team give gives the Raiders ton of momentum. Although, the odds are not in there favor; I don't think Glades Central Cares and neither do I! American Heritage -Delray: Another grudge team for the Raiders. This match up will be show if Glades Central has learned anything Pahokee: ITS GOING TO BE A WAR!!!!!
  6. Glades Central Vs Martin County

    -Turnovers - poor execution on offense for Glades Central we had our chance to win we just didn't pull it off - Defense played well in the 2nd Half shutting University out -Penalties - Hopefully, If we both make the playoff, we play University again. I'm pretty sure University doesn't want to play Glades Central again. - As of now, Glades Central has to grow from this...I'd say by the time Gc plays Oxbridge you will know where they stand this year as a team and If they will or will not have a playoff spot. I believe in them and still love my team win, lose ,or draw, for DON'T COUNT GLADES CENTRAL OUT JUST YET! - I prefer these young puppies to lose early than later, so the can turn in to those Bad Dogs I know they can be! - Stay tuned Oakleaf is next!
  7. Glades Central Vs Martin County

    Overall our offense didn't play its best game, lots of turnovers on our behalf.... as well as University School. Yes, this can be fixed. I give no excuses for the lost. We wasn't the better team that night against University. I like the fact that my defense didn't quit at all. We shut the out in the half our offense couldn't score. I would love to play them again if we meet in the playoff. The result may not be the same.
  8. Any stream for Central vs Chaminade tonight?

    You in my prayer
  9. Glades Central Vs Martin County

    One game at a time... We have to get in first. As of now, we dont own a playoff spot. University School is in the way as they always are.... Only friday night well tell
  10. Oakleaf vs Camden County

    Yeah, We have a date with them next week.
  11. Glades Central Vs Martin County

    Yea Im going to say it like this. We back playing Raider football in Belle Glade again. I see alot of Lol's on here about Glades Central. Im not going to get into 1990's and early 2000's. Im going with the here and now. Every Team in the 4A is on notice! starting with University School. Glades Central is not to be messed with and friday will show you better than the words your reading.
  12. Glades Central Raiders

    I guess mostly everyone here take Glades Central for a joke. I see a lot of LOL'S; Yeah,keep doing that. Glades Central can compete with any team in the 4A that goes for Cocoa and Booker T watch and see.
  13. Glades Central Raiders

    Season hasn't even started yet and your are making bold predictions

    Dillard, I seen Booker T vs American Heritage Plantation ,and Your Game against St. Thomas. Booker T still looks solid in that lost, but they cant afford any turn over against anyone!!! My Prediction BTW-42 Dillard-17
  15. Glades Central Vs Martin County

    Some stuff I have no choice but to agree with you,but others not so much. All I can say is that Glades Central is young and they will make mistakes. However, they are far more DANGEROUS than everyone thinks. You keep watching Raider 14.
  16. Oakleaf vs Camden County

    Oakleaf is that good huh? I can't wait to see them play Glades Central.
  17. I'm pretty sure Glades Central didn't have a 25 game winning streak when we lost to Dillard 34-33. Undefeated yes but I'm 100% sure, but it wasn't 25 games. Cocoa beat us in the state champion 2009 (27-13), but yes, Dillard, you beat us in 2010.