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  1. The Palmetto-Miami Central game is currently being live streamed on the Palmetto Tigers youtube channel.
  2. Perspective, if a team is forced to forfeit a season because of an ineligible player, a team can certainly forfeit a season because one of it's players assaulted an official. The player from Edinburgh committed assault before, he should not have been playing in that football game in the first place. If I was a parent of one of the other players, I would be furious and demand the coaching staff's dismissal immediately.
  3. I don't care about any child who assaults a game official. That child's future is of no concern to me.
  4. Is Hurley Brown still the Head Football Coach at Merritt Island? I always thought that he and his staff did a pretty good job of coaching. I am wrong?
  5. Another thing that I noticed in the video of the Ohio High School Football game that was forfeited after the player assaulted two officials, one of the coaches seems to be upset and appears to yell at the officials for using the correct procedure and canceling the game. After one of his players assaults two officials, that coach has no right at all to complain about anything that the officials rule on after that. If he did complain and carry on like it looks like in the video, my hope is that the appropriate disciplinary action was taken against him by the Principal, AD, or even school board.
  6. Also, I was disappointed that the game was not ended at that point with Edinburgh forfeiting the game and being declared the loser. Edinburgh went on to win the game, but thankfully the school board did the right thing and canceled their season, they don't deserve to play anymore games after the assault.
  7. No triggering here Perspective. This is just another possibility in high school sports now. My hope is that any high school player who commits this kind of assault is tried to as an adult, and charged with a felony. Also, the school (taxpayer) needs to be responsible for any medical bills incurred by any official who is attacked in this way. The Head Coach should also be questioned as well, this has to be dealt with swiftly and aggressively.
  8. Ric Flair, would you be willing to discuss some of those questionable calls?
  9. You know what, I agree with you. It is not with debating with you anymore. You clearly have a point-of-view that cannot be reasoned, and since you think that already know everything, there is no sense wasting time trying to explain things to you.
  10. Great minds often think alike! lol
  11. It was not done in Florida this past year, but maybe there will be replay at Doak Campbell Stadium this year. The NFHS allows for replay at neutral-site games in the rules.
  12. The NFHS only allows it for State Championship games now. Probably because not every school would be able to afford the technology.
  13. Fine, then you can tell the schools that they have to pay for another official after giving a raise to the officials amid Covid, and all of the other budget problems that are being dealt with. Those kind of fouls are not going to be tolerated, and that is the way that the game is going amid all of the issues that football has to deal with when it comes to injuries and head trauma. Titles like Offensive-Defensive Coordinator are important so which position that an official is working at is also important. If a team plays within the rules, the officials will not be noticed.
  14. Correct. If I had my way, the games would still be in Daytona Beach, but that is not possible after last year as we all know.
  15. I think of the color that the field will probably not be after all of those games are played. Green! lol
  16. I am talking about High School Football, I don't care to discuss NFL and College Football officiating. I meant that the official who wears the white hat is called the Referee, while the other positions have different titles, but not "ref". Also, the dead-ball Personal Foul did not end Boone's season, their inability to stop Vero Beach's offense did. If you think that High School Football officiating should be subject to review, why don't you step up and pay for the technology to make this feasible?
  17. HornetFan, first of all that official is not a "ref' he is the line judge. Secondly, I don't know how you could make a determination that the official was making up for a missed call a few plays earlier unless you have some kind of mind reading powers that no one else possess. Thirdly, no Referee who is worth a darn is going to overrule any other official when it comes to player safety. Like I said, the onus is on the defender to be able to hold up, and not commit that kind of foul. That is the way that the game is going to be officiated now, and it is not going back.
  18. Perspective, I think that it would be best for me not to make judgments on fouls or calls from NFL or College Football. As far as the when the play being dead, when it is clear that if a ball is not going to be caught/possessed , the onus is on the defender not make the sort of contact that was made in that video. Player Safety is always paramount when High School Football is involved, and the FHSAA will always back that up. If there was no foul on that dead-ball hit, the Vero Beach Head Coach could send that clip to the FHSAA demanding clarification, and he would be right to do that.
  19. HornetFan, if a football is uncatchable or not has no bearing on DPI, OPI, or any other foul in NFHS rules.
  20. Perspective, that was definitely a dead-ball personal foul in my view. The DB clearly led with his shoulder a few seconds after he was able to see that the the receiver had not caught the ball, the pass was incomplete, and the play was over. There is no need for that kind of behavior, and we need to get to late hits like that out of the game now or the game will be legislated away, and there will be Friday Night High School Flag Football games. That was the correct foul by the line judge.
  21. Are Matanzas and Deltona's wins against New Smyrna Beach and Tampa Freedom respectively in the first round of the "playoffs" this year not being considered? Also, Matanzas started playing football in 2006, not 2005.
  22. Also, compliments to the 12 and under Apopka Blue Darter team for winning the Pop Warner Southeast Region Division 1 Championship. The team would play at Disney next normally, but because of Covid the Blue Darters will be playing a Bowl Game instead.
  23. Proseteye, do you know anything about Ocala Vanguard? Thank you.
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