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  1. Warner Christian's downward trend can be chalked up to the school Administration. I don't know why, but for some reason it was decided that football would not be a priority anymore for the Eagles.
  2. This is a great point. High School Children have a right to look after their own future, not the Coach's future.
  3. According to legend, Bronson's first round playoff win against Crescent City was extremely well-officiated.
  4. I bring that up because Bill Parcells was known to try to motivate LT by claiming that he would like to trade Taylor for Pat Swilling or Andre Tippett. It worked just about every time when LT would have a monster game.
  5. Is it true that LT taunted Ricky Jackson by telling him how great he would have been had he had himself as a teammate instead of Pat Swilling?
  6. A block in the back is considered a player safety foul, in that case, whether the foul had and effect on the play itself would be irrelevant. As opposed to a foul such as holding, which is not a player safety foul and could be passed up for not having any effect on the play itself.
  7. DarterBlue2, do you remember what the penalty was that was called on the play?
  8. CoachK has the rule right out of the book.
  9. You are correct Perspective. I see that you are not a Referee, but what about an Umpire, Linesman, Line Judge, Back Judge, Field Judge or Side Judge?
  10. Barbird in NFHS rules, that would be an incompletion. There is no judgment call from an official on a pass along the sideline if the receiver does not get one foot down while in possession of the ball unless the receiver was carried out of bounds by the defender.
  11. I don't know NCAA rules that well Barbird. You should NEVER curse out officials under any circumstance. I am not a Referee, and only my late wife was allowed to call me Dumbass.
  12. The running clock is for the safety of the players. Most of the time, the Head Coach of the team who is trailing is the person most encouraging of the running clock. That Coach wants to get his players out in one piece in the fastest possible time. Scheduling could and should possibly be looked at to create better and more even matchups, and districts by factors other then Geography and population of the school. That might cut down on the amount of running clocks yearly in High School Football in the state of Florida. The purpose of High School Football is for the enjoyment and participation o
  13. I am not interested in analyzing NCAA rules or judgments from College Football officials Badbird.
  14. Youth football, I would agree that kickoffs will be eliminated within a year or two. High School Football might take a little longer.
  15. Player safety will prevent a rule change for allowing free kicks (kickoffs) to be returned out of the end zone in NFHS rules. In fact, I would not be surprised if free kicks were completely eliminated in High School and Youth Football rules within 5-10 years.
  16. EagleEye, could you clarify what you mean when you state that the "ego' of both teams will lead to at least 25 penalties in the game? Thank you.
  17. The Wing T and the Single Wing are two completely different offenses.
  18. This is a great first message board post Beek. One of the keys to building a great High School Football program is a consistent coaching staff who is dedicated to the long haul. Maybe things can get going in the right direction for your program.
  19. Yes, the team that they lost to (Which I believe was either Sandalwood or Mandarin) probably had a secondary which was able to shut down the Warriors passing game.
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