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  1. I said it first when you claimed that IMG would be MC's only loss. I said the Rockets would win and I was right because MC was easily the best team in FL and a top 20 team in the nation.
  2. I said it was a low-scoring game in the first half that turned into a shootout late. No lies there. How can anyone lie about a predicted outcome of a football game? That's a good one. But both teams made some poor mental errors that have to be cleaned up. There were procedure penalties, holdings, false starts, etc. on both sides that slowed the game down and made it tough to watch at points. Some were iffy, some were warranted but overall, it needs to be cleaned up. Both teams will get better as the season goes on. Congratulations on the win.
  3. Jesus, 80-0!? How could such a score even happen?
  4. Going to be a great game. A win over CMD would be huge! You know the Lions have high expectations. Drag them back down to Earth with a big win!
  5. Definitely agree that Dillard is just flat-out a better team than STA this season. Strong returning class on top of a bevy of transfers might have made them the best team in Broward, on paper! Central gets better as the season goes along. That will be their toughest game by far. Central should have scheduled a SFA or SJB this season. They would have been great games!
  6. Congratulations to MNW on the win. Our defense wasn’t trash lol you guys scored 7 in the first half. Both teams have a lot to work on going forward. Venice had two touchdowns called back in the first quarter and MNW had some bad procedure penalties that I thought were iffy, but overall need to be cleaned up. But my point was that you lied about MNW not being a “run-first” team in spite of them having over 50 rushing attempts. You lied about Miami Central being “overrated” in spite of knowledge about their incredible offseason and then you lied some more when you said MC was a “run-first” offense even though this is the most balanced they have been in years. But sure, change the subject when confronted with facts. You’d make a great politician!
  7. IMG has the most basic offense in the country: jet sweep left, jet sweep right, 2 off-tackle runs and a power counter with some screens in their passing game. Game-planning for IMG isn’t the hard part; it’s actually pretty easy to know how to stop them. It’s having the athletes to stop what they want to do. MC was down 14-6 at halftime and stormed back to rip the game out of IMG’s hands. That is a product of a good coaching staff! Venice lost to MNW, but they beat themselves last night with horrible fumbles and penalties. Those have to improve if we want to get back to states! Overall, I wasn’t very impressed with either team’s offense. They are both run-first. The game started out as a low scoring slug-fest that turned into a shootout in the second half. It was very exciting. Can’t wait to see what they do against Naples next week!
  8. Even though Cardinal Newman is a team on the rise I still thought Pahokee would have enough in the tank to defeat them. This is a very strong win for CN and a step in the right direction for their program without a doubt. As for Pahokee, this didn’t seem like one of their most cohesive performances. They looked out of sync on offense and the defense tried their hardest, but could only stop the bleeding for so long. Even if they don’t have all of the individual talent of a Central or STA they always pleasantly surprise me with how well-coached they are and how well they execute the fundamentals. If they have some new kids on the o-line, they just need a few more weeks of practice to build chemistry together and get things clicking once again. Pahokee will be better from this! Go ‘Hokee!
  9. I’ll be quiet as a mouse, of course! Lol I’m jus kidding you. I would love to see the Panthers take them down but that is one steep mountain to climb!
  10. Hey @Jesse @topnotch305 @skyway since you three gentlemen thought my comments were so funny, how’s this one for a laugh?
  11. Awesome win last night by the Conquerors!! Defense has to be better though!
  12. STA is the most winnable game on the list. CMD is a few steps ahead of them and Miami Central is going to be a loss. Central is easily the best team in the state.
  13. Of course you dislike Central as evidenced by the fact that you thought IMG would beat them. Even though they were easily the best team in the state coming into the season, some thought IMG would blow them away. You also told me MNW isn’t a run first team. What I saw last night definitely runs counter to that narrative. FFS would it kill people to be honest on this board? Goodness gracious.
  14. I’ll have to plead the 5th on this one!
  15. You are one of the few people on this board that knows South Florida football and I appreciate it! Yes. Rockets are a team on a mission without a doubt!
  16. I tried telling people for weeks on here that Central would beat IMG but because the truth is clearly a foreign concept on this board nobody wanted to listen. People said IMG would blow them away and that Central wasn’t even a threat to them. What a joke. Central is the king of Florida and will easily go undefeated and win the state championship in their classification. They are gong to be unstoppable. I won’t be surprised if they take the national championship either. Congratulations to the Rockets on a strong win tonight. You are the best team In Florida and proved it in a big way tonight!
  17. I'm sorry 561. Pahokee will see better days. Nowhere to go but up!
  18. Columbia has nowhere to go but up as far as I am concerned. I wanted to see Columbia get the victory but I knew Buccholz might be a little too much for the Tigers on opening night. Keep your heads up Columbia fans! You all have a great chance for redemption next week against TCA!
  19. Pahokee needs to get their act together right now or they're going to lose.
  20. Tough matchup for CN, but I think Pahokee runs away with it!
  21. Mostly agree with your list, but I think Treasure Coast will be a little too much for Osceola right out of the gate. Riverview vs Sanford Seminole will be much closer than 38-10. I think Central has the roster to upset IMG Neither Venice nor Northwestern score that many points. Northwestern will probably win if Venice can't clean up their issues on special teams and the o-line, but I think it will be more of a low-scoring slugfest. STA vs SJP looks right I could see Dematha running away from CG. Gibbons might have a tough season this year with all of the talent they have lost, but you can never count them out with Coach Dubuc. We will see. Dillard pounds Rock Creek into the dirt. Alamitos finds a way to make things interesting but doesn't have the juice to keep up with AHP forever. I can't predict CMD vs St. Johns. I hope the Lions win but that might be the toughest game on this list. Wow. Cocoa overpowers Jones late in a shootout. Columbus finds a way to KO Benedictine Buccholz defeats Columbia, but it will not be the blowout some on this board have suggested.
  22. People think I’m crazy for saying that Central is going to beat IMG. Your eyes will be wide open when the Rockets put the Ascenders down and stake their claim. I don’t need to say anything else. MC’s defense alone will keep them in it
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