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  1. That’s wonderful to hear. Good luck to the Conquerors tonight! We need a rematch in 2023!
  2. Going to be a great game. I think it will be close for 3 quarters but TCA pulls away to win it by 10.
  3. Credit to Lakeland tonight: they dominated in every phase of the game. I’m sorry I couldn’t be there; I have some family In town right now or else we could have met before the game. I hope this isn’t a precursor of the regular season, as Venice’s offensive line seemed really spotty. On some plays they looked like the o-line of last year, but most of the time it looked like they were blocking thin air. Bentley had almost no time to throw. Defense looked ok at points, they had a few plays where they got good pressure and I think they even registered a sack. But overall it was the pitiful offense that doomed them to lose this game. They need to sort out the issues with the offensive line quickly, or else they could be in for a 3-7 season with the kind of teams scheduled to play. With that being said, I can’t wait for the season to begin. I know they will get the issues sorted out and a least be in the mix for another run in 2022. But it’s going to be very tough to get back to the big dance with you guys, Osceola, Riverview, and LG in the way. I am hopeful that they can repeat but realistic as right now, the odds do not appear good for another magical run. However, Father Time has yet to tell a lie and we will have to wait and see how everything shakes out. Go Indians!
  4. Special teams bro. I’ll say it again. SPECIAL TEAMS!! Lol. One blocked kick and Dillard wins that STA game last year.
  5. I thought the FHSAA branded 4 metro and 4 suburban classes each, which came out to 8 classes overall? To explain- (4A Metro, 4A Suburban, 3A Metro, 3A suburban, so on so forth.) Was there a change that I missed?
  6. I can’t wait for the season to start man, all of this NFL draft stuff and discussion is driving me up a damn wall! Lol. I expect Dillard to be a dominant force and probably win 3A Metro outright. STA has something to fear this season..
  7. Not an issue for Madison County, though. All teams that play them are trash. So even if they don’t get a game, they win vicariously through... well, I’ve never made it this far!
  8. They can defeat CMD without a doubt. Last year, Dillard and CMD played in the preseason game and fought to a 16-0 Lion win. The defense on both sides were extremely stringent and did not allow big plays or long, extended drives. In my opinion, Dillard has nowhere to go but up considering that most of their team from last year returns and they have received 8-10 transfers in already. They should be favored on paper, although it is certain that anything can happen. Anyone can beat anyone on any given night so don’t write off Dillard like they’re a joke. The Panthers are going to give everyone on their schedule a tough game, win or lose. It’s a game of inches, man... a game of inches.
  9. Going to be a very tough game for the Raiders to win. AHP is loaded to the brim with talent. But as you know, any given Friday...
  10. Chaminade and STA are wins, MC the lone loss.
  11. Whhheeew now that’s a gauntlet!! Lol. Win them all and you’re on track for a national championship. Good luck to your Panthers bro, I can easily see 10-0 with the kind of squad they have returning. We need to schedule a game next year!
  12. Mostly correct; but on the latter half, I think you are missing a few bad words, Perspective!
  13. Whether they lose 1, lose 4, or go undefeated, just stay healthy for playoffs!! That’s what really counts. You guys are in 3A metro this year, right?
  14. Honestly I think there’s a good chance your Panthers come away from this schedule unbeaten or with just 1 loss. I could see them dropping the Miami Central game in week 3 and then using that sort of as “gasoline on the fire” to finish the season 9-1 and have HFA throughout the playoffs.
  15. No, I think they will eventually run into a team that beats them. It could be Central, STA, or maybe even that Rock Creek team in week 1. But if I were a betting man I would keep my wallet in my pocket for all of those games. Too tough to call any of those results. I hope we can both agree that rivalry games are extremely tough to predict. There is *very* bad blood between STA and Dillard after what happened in last year’s game. Dillard was a blocked field goal away from a WIN against the Raiders who ended the season ranked number five in the state; a victory that would have given them HFA throughout the playoffs. You can’t tell me that Dillard loses the Homestead game at the Panther’s Den. No way, no how.
  16. Well what do you think their issue is? I really don’t see a single game on their schedule so far where I would be willing to bet against them. Not heavily, at least. A lack of strong coaching?
  17. I can see them winning all of those games. Dillard has almost their entire roster intact from last season and has already received around 8 transfers. The only team I see handing anything to them is STA but they get them at home this year; I'm expecting Dillard to pull out the W there.
  18. We got Brook Bentley, Senior quarterback from Gaither. I’m a little upset that Michael Valentino won’t get his chance to start this season, but the good news is that he is only a sophomore; he has one more year to learn and grow, and will shine as Venice’s starter in 2023. Cameron Herring, sophomore linebacker from Cardinal Mooney has transferred to Venice. This is all I have so far. I will let you know when I receive more info. STA would beat the daylights out of IMG. Would be a lot of fun to watch.
  19. They need to schedule each other at some point. I still believe that STA would kick the absolute crap out of IMG.
  20. Don’t know if you saw my original message, but can you ask your coach if there is anyway that the Central game can be moved? We have 2 bye weeks at the moment with Palmetto backing out of our week 8, and we can come to Dillard Week 3.
  21. Awesome schedule so far! Do you know if STA has IMG scheduled this season?
  22. We can come to the Panther’s Den Week 3 if your coach can move some things around...
  23. I don't see a single loss so far, sir!! We should try to schedule a game if the metro/suburban split falls thru for this season!
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