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  1. So, responding with observations about what is happening right now in 2020 will...ensure you get the last word, which may be your priority anyway. BINGO!!!!
  2. I would hope so. If not, just like all other businesses that aren't successful, they would have to close shop.
  3. I have followed this site since it's inception. I am a former coach and AD. I finally had to join and give my two cents. This is high school football. 99% of all people actually involved understand that someone else might be better than them. With ANY system, there are going to be "bubble teams" and exceptions. Without exception, the teams that truly deserve to be in playoffs will get in. Occasionally, there will be teams that get in that others deem "do not deserve it" based on there teams resumes. Good for them! I do know this: THIS IS NOT SOMETHING THAT BELONGS ON A POLITICAL BALL
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