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  1. Lakeland Continues Its Domination of SFL

    I would love for Lakeland to play a tougher schedule, purely for the entertainment value. But for all the people who fall over themselves trying to justify that playing a harder schedule is the only way to win state........Lakeland had one of the easiest schedules in the state last year.....and still won the tough games when needed......by at least two scores, if not more. I just find it laughable the consistent attempt to bring Lakeland down....on a message board.
  2. Lakeland Continues Its Domination of SFL

    Not sure anyone claimed them to be...... 2018 Lakeland 33 Aquinas 20 I guess they beat a good one when it mattered?
  3. The Agenda Buster

    Side note....I talked with Jace's Dad last year. The biggest reason he transferred to Lakeland was the FFA program. He didnt even play much behind Jesse Williams his junior year. Like I've said before.....I had a couple of the higher profile transfers tell me that their reason for transferring was going deep in the playoffs and playing tougher competition. They felt playing a 10 game schedule with games against Teneroc and Lake Region was not getting them ready for what they would see in college. And.....they get better coaching at Lakeland. Period. Look at the 0 star players that Lakeland has had over the years that end up being 2-3 star players by the end of the year and getting alot of college interest.
  4. Lakeland Transfers - The Real Numbers

    This was a terrible choice to schedule this game. I know alot of teams didnt want to play Lakeland, but...... Their RB is good....but they have a Pop Warner OL.
  5. Lakeland Transfers - The Real Numbers

    Please list all the games where a private has won over a public.
  6. Lakeland Transfers - The Real Numbers

    That 300 lb player will still be playing for A team. Whether he's playing for team A (stacked with talent), or team B (Not stacked), I don't think that increases or decreases his chances of injuring someone. Kids have gotten bigger over the years. Look at college football. 60 years ago, the college football teams of today would severely out-weigh even the heaviest of NFL teams. I'm not necessarily a fan of the 'Stacked" super teams. But, I had it explained to me this way by a player: He was on Team A. That team is historically not good and doesn't put much effort in their football program. He sees team B where he has a chance to play against tougher competition that will get him ready for the competition in college and give him more exposure playing against tough competition. Plus, has a coaching staff that actively pushes their kids out to colleges. Which would you choose? I would love for county teams to play against each other year in and year out with close games. That is what I grew up on. But, with the introduction of the Private School model in the late 80's/early 90's, it changed everything. If you want public schools to only have kids in their designated school zone, you may have parity during the season, but those teams will get manhandled come playoff time. The FHSAA would need to either: 1. Put all 'Private' schools (schools with no official boundaries) in their own class, or 2. Set up 'official' boundaries for private schools.
  7. Any KOC Games tonight??

    Lakeland 36 - K. Osceola - 0 3 minutes into the 2nd quarter.
  8. Any KOC Games tonight??

    Lakeland 30 - Osceola - 0, Start of the 2nd QUARTER
  9. Top team each year from 1907-1962

    I'm pretty certain this was it. There was an article in the 9/10/1912 Tampa Tribune about Hillsborough not having any challenges and specifically mentioned Lakeland not fielding a team. I think the Ft. Meade game was an attempt. The newspaper article indicates the game was possibly played.....but awarded by forfeit to Ft. Meade.
  10. Greatest FL HS Turnaround Ever - Video Highlights

    There were also only 4 high schools in Manatee County at that time. Manatee had all of west Bradenton.....and oddly a small part of Palmetto, as their district. Palmetto had Palmetto (the part not reserved for Manatee) and Parrish Southeast had the entire east side out to Myakka City And Bayshore had........whatever was left. If there were no Braden River or Lakewood Ranch.....Southeast would likely have a dynasty....and a very overcrowded school.
  11. Top team each year from 1907-1962

    Thankfully I'm not that old......yet.. Alot of research. Prior to the 1930's, record keeping wasn't the best. Plus, I think Lakeland lost a lot of their records when the original school burned down. Luckily, the newspapers have, for the most part, been digitized.
  12. Top team each year from 1907-1962

    They tried a couple of times in '17-'19. I show a couple of games scheduled, but it was no more than one a year. The administration at Lakeland was opposed to having a football team. Back then it was quite a dangerous sport and they didn't want that at Lakeland. Here is what I have for 1916: Nickname "The Yellow & Black" 9/26 Lost to Plant City 0-48 10/6 Beat Lake City 26-0 10/13 Beat Hillsborough 42-0 10/20 Lost to Orlando 0-50 10/27 Beat Brooksville 33-7 11/3 Lost to Braidentown (Manatee) 0-13 11/10 Lost to Plant City 0-20 11/18 Lost to St. Petersburg 0-12 11/24 Tied Brooksville 7-7 11/30 Beat Kissimmee 7-0 I'm not sure if any of these were 'B' games or not. The newspapers weren't always clear on what they were reporting back then.
  13. Top team each year from 1907-1962

  14. Top team each year from 1907-1962

    Yeah. So do I. Not sure where I got 8-0-1 from. 1908 - These results are kind of spotty. From what I can find, Lakeland went 3-1-1 with wins over Tampa (11-0), Orlando (Unknown score), and Plant City (unknown). Loss was to Tampa (5-12) and tie was to Orlando. 1909 - Spotty as well. I have 2 Wins over Wachula (41-0 & 37-0), And a loss to HIllsborough (0-16). There were a couple of other games....but I haven't found scores yet. 1910 - I don't think there were any 'official' games in 1910 1911 - I don't think there were any 'official' games in 1911 1912 - I found one game they lost against Ft. Meade. Not sure of the score 1920 - Found three games, all losses. Plant City (0-25), St. Pete (0-34), Palmetto (0-53). 1921 - New team nickname was "The Orange & Black". Record I have found is 6-3 10/1/21 Lost to St. Pete 20-28 10/7/21 Lost to Plant City 0-13 (Plant City later forfeited due to ineligible players) 10/14/21 Beat Arcadia 57-0 10/21/21 Beat Lake City 26-0 10/28/21 Beat Orlando 26-0 11/4/21 Beat Ft. Meyers 26-0 11/11/21 Lost to Bartow 21-3 11/19/21 Palmetto claims a forfeit game after Lakeland doesn't show up to play them. Thanksgiving - Game scheduled against Ft. Meade cancelled 12/2/21 Beat a 'Town Team' 20-0 1922 (6-1) 9/29 Beat Bradentown (Manatee) 72-0 10/6 Beat Arcadia 38-0 10/13 Beat St. Pete 12-0 10/22 Lost to Gainesville 0-7 11/11 Beat Bartow 20-6 11/17 Beat Clearwater 57-0 1924 (5-3-1) 9/26 Beat St. Leo 19-9 10/3 Beat Clearwater 40-0 10/10 Beat Sacred Heart 13-0 10/17 Lost to Stetson University 6-0 10/24 Tied Palmetto 0-0 11/1 Beat Arcadia 19-7 11/14 Beat Brooksville 28-0 11/21 Lost to Plant City 3-2 11/27 Lost to Bartow 0-44 1925 (7-0-1) Lakeland and Duval claimed state title (State Athletic Board ruled St. Pete ineligible for state title due to ineligible players) 10/2 Beat St. Leo 51-0 10/9 Beat Clearwater 16-0 10/16 Beat Palmetto 19-0 10/23 Beat Gainesville 27-12 10/30 Tied Arcadia 6-6 11/11 Beat Plant City 34-0 11/21 Beat Ft. Meade 7-0 11/26 Beat Summerlin (Bartow) 13-0 1926 (8-1) Beat St. Leo 68-0 Beat Ft. Meade 39-3 Beat Plant City 28-0 Beat Gainesville 20-0 Beat Arcadia 89-0 Beat Ft. Myers 13-6 Lost to Tampa 0-7 Beat Clearwater 69-0 Beat Kissimmee 29-0 St. Pete - Game cancelled by request of both team's players
  15. Top team each year from 1907-1962

    I'll should have most of that. Will check later tonight. I have also collected newspaper articles with game recaps for almost all games going back to the first game in 1907. Pretty interesting stuff.