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  1. Lakeland appears fully reloaded for 2019

    Yep. I just wanted to see how the remark would be justified......if it was really believed.
  2. The Dropoff of HS Football in Polk County

    Please list those 13-14 starters that were recruited.
  3. If Armwood makes it.....back up to 80%.
  4. Never liked watching a high school football game in a stadium that was 80%-90% empty. I like this move.
  5. The Best Rivalries That Never Were

    If Darlington had stayed, this game may have remained on the schedule. Hopefully Lakeland/Manatee can gain steam and become a rivalry again.....and the weather doesn't wash that game out like it did 2 years ago.
  6. Vero Beach schedule so far

    I have heard this from the Lakeland side as well.
  7. Lopsided Rivalries

    No doubt. If you added up the scores from that time, it wouldn't be as bad as one would think for being so lopsided. 2018 was definitely the exception to the rule with a 50-0 Lakeland win. But many games have been under a 7 point difference.
  8. Lopsided Rivalries

    Lakeland's biggest local 'Rivalries' (Kathleen, Winter Haven, Jenkins) have been quite lopsided. Not sure how much of a rival George Jenkins is to Lakeland, but proximity kind of dictates it. Many of the parents that lived in that area went to Lakeland (before GJ existed), and now their kids go to GJ. Lakeland is 25-2 against Kathleen since 1993 (26 regular season games, 1 playoff game). Although Kathleen has seen some more recent success, beating Lakeland in 2013 & 2016. Since 1993, Lakeland is 20-0 vs. Winter Haven Since 1994, Lakeland is 22-1 vs. George Jenkins (GJ won in 2003).
  9. Lakeland vs Vero Beach Old School Video

    Lakeland lost starting RB Cameron McCalpin in this game for the season with a broken foot. The running game didn't miss a beat as Earl Mothersill took over and proved himself as a power back. Polk county had some good teams back then with Lakeland, Bartow & Auburndale. Auburndale would be Lakeland's only loss that season as the Bloodhounds beat the Naughts 24-20 in OT.
  10. Biggest blowouts (wins and losses) by major FL programs 1963-present

    2006 - Lakeland - 78 George Jenkins - 0 1994 - Lakeland - 75 East Bay - 0 Pre-1963, Lakeland had a couple of 89-0 wins over Arcadia (1926) and Winter Haven (1927).
  11. Interesting read......the 1963 Playoff policy (1st year for FHSAA football playoffs).
  12. FL Postseason Tournament

  13. https://www.theledger.com/sports/20181211/coaching-carousel-tate-to-bartow-stanley-to-ridge Tate can get Bartow back on the map, if he's there long enough.
  14. Your 2018 6A finalist transfer list

    And I will fully admit....although not for football reasons, I moved from Bradenton to Lakeland for my child to attend LHS. Tradition and family history had alot to do with it.