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  1. What Did 2018 7A Preseason Poll Look Like?

  2. What Did 2018 7A Preseason Poll Look Like?

    Curious as to when Armwood vs Venice playoff encounters happened? Armwood was a bit of a thorn in the side for a number of years to some pretty good Charlotte HS teams..........I just off the top of my head don't recall Venice and Armwood ever being adversaries in the playoffs?
  3. Obesity in HS Linemen

    Ethan White - (OG, Clearwater HS), came into the University of Florida football program this past winter weighing close to 400 lbs, my understanding was that by spring his weight was down to 340-350 lbs and there' talk of him possibly seeing playing time.......so i agree, college programs will get these young men on a better program from a weight standpoint
  4. Which FL High Schools Produced Multiple All-American RB's?

    Escambia HS - Emmett Smith and Trent Richardson?
  5. Video of 1991 5A Title Game - What an Ending!

    Well Manatee in 1990 was a classic finesse team at that point, and Evans was typically big on size and big on talent but not so big on being coached up. I believe Manatee was already up on Evans at that point by double digits (it was 21-0 Manatee at the end of the 1st qt), but at the point the sprinklers came on was the 2nd half, so no there was no intended slow down, except getting home alittle later because of the delay. 1990 2nd round playoffs - Manatee 55 Evans 34 ( 2nd ranked Evans, defense hadn't allowed more than 260 yards in total offense or 30 points in any game all season. Manatee had 256 yards of offense and 35 points at half and finished with 429 total yards by the end of the game, 309 coming on the ground.) Manatee was QB'd by Tommie Frazier and had future NFL DB Tyrone Williams at TB. The following year I believe to beat Riverview in the 2nd round there was a play late in the game that cost Riverview the win.......didnt keep an article on that game i could reference, so just going on memory??????
  6. East Central Florida Top 18 (UPDATED)

    I thought Dr Phillips was a fairly young team last year, unless there was a change in coaching or major exodos of talent, cant we expect them to be a title contender in 8A?
  7. Who Is This FL HS Legend in the Photo? Shannon Snell/Hillsborough

    Wasn't Dad also a Tampa Bay Buc?
  8. Video of 1991 5A Title Game - What an Ending!

    Manatee met Evans a number of different times in the playoffs, and as I recall Evans always came into those games with a clear advantage from a talent standpoint.......the difference in all those games always came down to Manatee being the better coached team......Joe just seemed to have their number from the standpoint of attacking their defense with a precision - finesse offense.......one year in fact they had to delay the game for about 20 minutes, because the sprinkler system for watering the field activated during the game.
  9. Video of 1991 5A Title Game - What an Ending!

    Was this the year that the Miami area was devastated by a Hurricane and in fact wasn't even able to complete its full regular season?
  10. Who Is This FL HS Legend? James Jones/Ely

    probably better known for this catch against the University of Miami (Went to Ely High School) http://gatorchatter.com/threads/rivals-post-nsd-evaluation.13600/page-2
  11. FL vs GA border war poll

    Not on Twitter, but I say Colquitt County.....................the others are traditionally tuff , but Colquitt Co is the one that plays year in and year out either to the semi-finals or the state title game.
  12. Stadium questions

    I locked my keys in the car for a Manatee/Winter Haven game in 1979 at Denison stadium, was in a hurry to get to the game because I had arrived late for the start of the game. Didnt realize the keys were in the car until after the game and I got back to the car. A Winter Haven fan help me with getting it unlocked using a clothes hanger......but the place was almost completely dark by then, because lights were starting to be shut down........
  13. 8:30 Start times

    Games during the 70's and 80's for Manatee always started at 8:00pm, I believe it was in the 90's when the state started having re-occurring issues with Mosquitoes carrying encephalitis. The fear that playing games with night time starting times and playing later into the evening increased potential exposure, that we started seeing earlier starting times as well as playing on Saturday in some instances. Also aren't there FHSAA rules regarding how late games are to be played.....particularly when games are delayed due to weather or have OT? Later starting would have an impact on this as well potentially...........................
  14. Stadium questions

    There are a number of unbelievable stadiums here in Georgia, I thought the stadiums at Hoover and Hewitt Trussville HS in Alabama were nice and spacious as well, The stadium in PA when Manatee played Woodland Hills in PA I thought gave off the kind of message you get from a dying steel mill town type environment from the stadium...(which was still very nice), to the community around the stadium. In as far as the nicest in Florida that I have actually been to......(while I've also heard nice things about the Niceville HS stadium), for me has to to be Bryant Stadium which is of course the home of the Lakeland Dreadnaughts
  15. Who Is This Old School Gator Great? Wilber Marshall/Astronaut