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  1. Vero goes 0-2 in the spring jamboree

    Its a spring game, stop reading so much into the out comes of these things....................its all about evaluating talent and where the pieces fit best come the fall.
  2. Who Was This Great HS Wide Receiver? MJ McGriff

    Watched him in a playoff game against Manatee, and I'll be honest coming into the game I felt the stats he had posted up to that point was more hype that anything else. He had himself a really good game, but Vero had no answer for the Manatee offense that night. After the game he obviously changed my opinion about his talent level!
  3. Vero Beach could break Lakeland's 57 game winning streak

    https://youtu.be/OtzfXWMrQ7Q A video on youtube some of you might already be aware of, I did in 2007 to commemorate the end of the Lakeland streak for a couple of Lakeland homers that have long since disappeared.
  4. Vero Beach could break Lakeland's 57 game winning streak

    Lakeland's run also included some state and mythical national championships.......Vero's mean while is a story of coulda, woulda, shoulda wanna be.
  5. Hillsborough County - HS Football Hotbed or Land of Mediocrity?

    Regarding Buford......I know folks that pay the tuition fee from Jackson and Hall counties.....wouldn't be too surprised if they got kids from Barrow and Clarke county as well, so little johnny can play football there at Buford.......hardly a in-county or city feeder program. Grayson is more just flat out recruiting.....One year they had kids transferring in from as far Spalding county.......the recruiting got so bad it even drew the attention of one of the local Atlanta TV stations in as far as the suspicious circumstances surrounding how all that talent kept showing up at Grayson. If you travel up and down I85 for a while, its obvious to see how much growth is going on in Gwinnett county. When I 1st moved here Brookwood and Parkview were the consistent power house teams, but the distribution of power has changed over the years to teams like No Gwinnett etc.......that growth in population in general leads to a natural inclusion of more available talent, but seeing what has gone on at Grayson and Buford...... hard for me not to believe that at least some monkey business is going on in as far as talent showing up at certain schools because of below the surface recruiting.
  6. Who Is This Famous FL HS Coach? John Sprague/Sarasota Riverview

    Had an opportunity to talk to him several times in the early 80's when he would come into the old Southgate PO in Sarasota to mail game film. Was way more talkative than Joe Kinnan.........Joe was very hard to pull into a conversation beyond the customary pleasantries. There was a 20+ year period where Charlie Cleland/Tom Whitehurst -Sarasota HS, Paul Maechtle - Southeast, John Sprague - Riverview, and Joe Kinnan turned the Sarasota/Manatee county area into a real powerhouse of HS football.
  7. Who Is This Famous FL HS Coach? John Sprague/Sarasota Riverview

    Sprague would be a good guess......having lost nationally ranked to Pine Forest in the 88 state title game
  8. Hillsborough County - HS Football Hotbed or Land of Mediocrity?

    I'll just name 2 right off the cuff but, If you think Grayson and Buford have outstanding feeder programs.........you've obviously come here to sell some bad snake oil.........
  9. Who Is This FL HS Team? Pensacola Woodham

  10. Can You Name These Schools?

    Clay Blue Devils Edison Red Raiders Fort Myers Green Wave Hilliard Red Flashes North Fort Myers Red Knights Peterson Academy Tech Silver Eagles Winter Haven Blue Devils Admiral Farragut Blue Jackets Bartow Yellow Jackets P.K. Yonge Blue Wave Sebring Blue Streaks Stanton Blue Devils Holmes County Blue Devils Father Lopez Green Wave West Park Prep Crimson Trunk Elephants Avon Park Red Devils Williston Red Devils St Petersburg Green Devils Kathleen Red Devils Leesburg Yellow Jackets Blake Yellow Jackets St. Augustine Yellow Jackets Lake Howell Silver Hawks Vernon Yellow Jackets
  11. Venice regular season predictions 2019

    The JV team didn't win as convincingly as it had in years past, despite its winning record......They had a number of games in fact, that the margin of victory was single digits to go with its double digit loss to Palmetto. The loss of Gregory is huge for the running game and I wasn't overly impressed with Taylor, since he'll be a rising senior. The transfer from Pennsylvania..(cant remember his name?.... that ran the wildcat, as well as Venice's power sets on offense), has a little bit of Carpenter in him......but never got to see him pass the ball much? Is why I asked who's transferring in? The Vero game I can easily see being just a little over-blown in as far as it really being a marque game.....particularly by the end of the season when the totality of the schedule can be measured.......Dont dismiss Manatee either......Lot of the youth they've played as starters will be a year older, stronger, with additional maturity Manatee didn't have previously......
  12. Venice regular season predictions 2019

    Who you got transferring in and I'll give you a answer then?
  13. Teams to watch in 2019 (besides the obvious ones)

    While I don't believe they'll challenge for a state title this coming season, I think Tampa Steinbrenner will qualify for the playoffs next season......which would be the 1st time they've done that in 4-5 years. They have a nice QB Haden Carlson that can make all the throws... (His dad played for the Bucs as a backup QB). Rising Jr Deon Silas that was a nice play maker for Steinbrenner last season as a soph, all of their WR''s are returning and I want to say 2-3 members of its OL also returning. On Defense I believe they had 5 Sophs either start or see significant playing time.....with Austin Brannen and Desmond Mamudi really standing out to me! I want to say they'll be returning 8 players total from their starting defense of last season. The only teams they lost to last year all qualified for the playoffs, and they beat East Lake HS in a post season bowl game. For me there a team I'll be keeping eye out for next season, because I do expect them to make some noise in the Tampa Bay area!
  14. Lakeland Reached Rare Milestone This Past Season

    Go Canes Go!
  15. STA picks up a QB from other side of the state

    Wavebb........you have any inside info on this?