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  1. Thoughts on Franks Being Out for the Year

    Hard to say at this point, because there also remains some serious issues along the OL that have negatively impacted the running game with or without Franks at the QB position. I've seen instances of poor technique as well as instances where it appears the OL is just flat out being beat from a physical standpoint. Gotta believe if Mullen felt Franks wasn't his best chance at winning games, Trask or Jones would already have been starting. So for me my concern isn't so much with who's starting at QB, but if the OL starts showing some significant improvement with its play?
  2. Week 2 Thoughts for the Tampa Bay Area

    6 months short of 40 years, started basically right after I graduated HS on 6/10/78 and started my 1st night at the Sarasota PO 1/27/1979..................the message board was a saving grace in as far allowing me a connection to Florida HS football when I transfered to Georgia, I cant even remember how I stumbled on it.....I want to say it was around 2004 or 2005 or around the time Joe came back to coach Manatee again.
  3. Week 2 Thoughts for the Tampa Bay Area

    Retired last year 6/1/2018, Bradenton was always where I wanted to return back to....(its home....) unhappy however with the direction Manatee County has turned to........Where I grew up at and all around Manatee HS has gone to hell in my opinion and I have no desire to live further inland around the interstate where all the new building is happening.......I love the Gulf of Mexico, so kept looking south till I found something in Charlotte County I really liked! Going to Manatee games isn't going to be a obstacle......well until its not safe for me to be behind the wheel of a automobile.....anyways!
  4. Week 2 Thoughts for the Tampa Bay Area

    I'll be down close to Silver and Wavebb.........
  5. Week 2 Thoughts for the Tampa Bay Area

    * Why no love for Sarasota, they've also started out 2-0 and have yet to have a point scored on them? (its amazing when kids play for the teams they're actually district to, instead of being recruited to play for teams in the adjacent county and the difference it makes)! * No calling attention to Steinbrenner like you just noticed, I was calling this as my dark horse team for the 2019 season, at the end of last season! * Not going to go for the kill regarding Manatee being 0-2 yet, but it very easily could still get worse........ this a team that isn't being schemed offensively for the type talent it has.....coaching coaching coaching! Peezy, I'm in Florida and waiting to close on the house we're buying.......so hopefully within the next week or two I'll be catching some live games!
  6. Maryland/DC Schools Dominate Florida This Decade

    2013, Jalon Tabor was on that team.......The loss to Good Counsel had Stefan Diggs on that team......Manatee lost the game due to some highly controversial officiating in OT
  7. Maryland/DC Schools Dominate Florida This Decade

    Left off Manatee over Friendship Collegiate Academy, Md 23-13
  8. Dunedin Breaks the Streak!

    Peezy - you're hanging your hat on a win over Keswick Christian? I remember watching them play soccer and basketball against Oneco Community Christian when that was the extent of there male sports program.......my my my how the mighty have fallen. The last I saw the falcons play, was a playoff loss to Manatee. Came all the way from GA to meet up with Wavebb, but he ended up having some unexpected medical issues then so that had to wait a few more years.....but got to meet Steve Berry later that night at Beef's when was still doing the traveling Friday night state wide scoreboard show on the radio....
  9. Lakeland 45 Manatee 0

    I watched the classic game against Osceola to mid-way point of the 2nd QT, Osceola had everything go wrong in the 1st QT and the OL didn't do anything in the way of blocking other than maybe get in the way of Lakeland defenders. They still scored 20 points against Lakeland, although that could have happen against the 2nd stringers for Lakeland. Osceola turned it around this week and beat a Harmony team that went 9-2 a year ago 45-0. That brings me to last nights game against my Hurricanes. Not to take anything away from Lakeland, but I thought this was the most un-prepared Manatee team I've seen in years............There might have been a good reason why the best job current OC Jaquez Green could find was with a dismal McDonough , GA HS, prior to getting reacquainted with his old buddie and current HBC at Manatee........the offensive play calling was terrible plain and simple! The Manatee defense wasn't too far behind either. Will be interesting to see how Manatee responds this coming week against county rival Palmetto HS, to get a better handle on whether its just a result of playing a team like Lakeland or something more systemic related to the leadership at the top of the program.
  10. Venice vs IMG

    I believe Venice like it Championship team of two years ago, has the physical maturity it possessed then on its offensive line this year. Its IMG 1st game out the gate, and like you indicated in your post IMG is young. Peacock likes the nickle and dime passing attack and Venice has 2 WR's that will enable Venice to attack IMG all night long there......with a very physical QB, that understand the read option as well as he does. I'm not as sold on Taylor for Venice at the RB spot, but with that QB Venice has he'll make up for any short comings of Taylor at RB with his own feet....I pick this one for my upset special this week. Only because its IMG's 1st game of the season.......
  11. Manatee fans:

    Watched the Lakeland game last week against Osceola last night, and what stood out for me more than anything was how bad Osceola played in the 1st QT alone, it was 30-0 at the end of the 1st QT. Lakeland played an attacking defensive style play against Osceola, and its very apparent they have way above average team speed on defense. They don't however have the physical brawn they had last year, The Osceola line play was so bad, I dont know that they ever slowed anyone down on Lakeland's side of the ball.....I stopped watching midway through the 2nd QT, so maybe they got better as the game progressed? On offense Lakeland was about what you'd expect, the Soph QB handled him self well but his timing on the passing game isnt there just yet. Lakeland on its OL has some good size on the left side, but its right side is anything but imposing......in fact just about everything I saw in as far as interior runs were to the left. Manatee on its OL should be solid or at least present a better challenge than Lakeland saw last week with Osceola...well unless they have #78 starting at LG, Lakeland will abuse him all night if so with their defensive speed. Manatee is going to have to be able to pass the ball, to get Lakeland to back away from its attacking style some. No idea if Kyree Jones has gotten stronger or not from last year, but he could be hell for Lakeland if he has. The Manatee soph QB, is a play maker, but again if Lakeland is immediately in his face every-time he drops back or rolls out......its not going to matter. Tyson Phillips for Manatee is a nice talent for Manatee coming out of the backfield catching passes, and has a slashing style as a runner that might be better suited for Manatee against Lakeland? I think bottom line that can settle this game early, is if the Lakeland D can take it to Manatee's offense, if Manatee holds it own against the Lakeland defense however........it could be an interesting game!

    St. Frances, Md. De La Salle, Calif. Miami Carol City Venice Columbia Armwood Jones American Heritage (Delray) Miami Northwestern Lakeland
  13. Manatee fans:

    If he does with the same level of success he did last year as a freshman, when he marched Lakeland down the field for a TD on its 1st possession........Im sure all the supposed hand wringing Lakeland fans are doing now because their 2nd year in a row QB transfer is injured......will end up being much to do over nothing!
  14. 6 Underdogs to Watch This Season

    --> I'm hearing L Manual is having all kinds of grade issues and may not even dress out for games this year for Vangaurd, major loss of talent if the rumors are true......... --> (Sarasota) Riverview - Again this pick is kind of showing me you did no real homework and are just playing this thing by the numbers only.....Seems there's been a leaking of talent to other area schools this off-season at Riverview, which is leading some to ponder whether the real issue is with HBC Smithers? Don't be surprised if you see a 1-4 Sarasota Riverview squad at the 1/2 way point this season.
  15. Board Pick'ems

    Sure, why not!