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  1. Cocoa has beaten Bolles at their house before (Not in playoffs but) Cocoa will be fine. They will win by 14
  2. Lost to # 70 Trinity who was State Champ st Ed’s was #8 in country and they lost 24-14 with it being 17-14 with one minute left you don’t even believe all this garbage you say...are you one of those guys that gets paid to get clicks for website?
  3. #122 Colerain by 10 #24 Skyline by 16 # 56 west Monroe by 15 If they were outmatched then the scores do not reflect being Out matched
  4. Olive Branch MS was ranked 288 in country with losses to South Panola twice who was 12 in country, Brentwood Academy who was 101 in country Abilene was #1 in COUNTRY at time and (finished 158 in Country ) and had just beaten LA Star Champ Franklinton week before and beat Plant (Stars Runner Up) the week after don’t let the facts get in the way.
  5. 2009 it was 22 on MaxPreps. Lol with no transfers. Lol
  6. Nope You have to do better??? Your credibility, what little you had is gone Final ranking each year 2011 Cocoa 320 Colerain 122 Skyline. 24 west Monroe. 56 2012 Cocoa 237 St Joes 101 2013 Cocoa 536 Gonzaga 430 ( all losses to Top 300) 2014 Cocoa 288 Trinity 70 2015 Cocoa 357 St Ed’s 6 2016 Cocoa 55 Bishop Gorman. 1 Some really good teams on this list. Only “smoking” was Gorman
  7. National rankings speak a different story. Thank God no one looks at the Nolebull poll. They do that one at the Slurpee King. Cocoa national ranking in 08, 09, 10, 16 was Top 50 in country, twice in Top 25.
  8. Was that the year that Cocoa was only undefeated team in State? Also I believe they beat the team that beat Dwyer? Glades Central
  9. Coach Odom was already gone when Cocoa lost to Naples in 2007 Semifinal.
  10. Merritt Island opened in 1967??? Didn’t MI win like 26/27 out of 30 during the first years of the series. That is not much of a rivalry
  11. Probably so but I believe the HC at Gonzaga used to be at Leesburg.
  12. I believe they had 10 total transfers in 2016. Of those, most were Seniors because they signed scholarships. They did get 4-5 more in 2017 that were also Seniors kids transfer to win Championship
  13. What year did Cocoa have 21 transfers? I remember them having 10 one year?
  14. What year did Cocoa have 21 transfers? I remember them having 10 one year?
  15. What week is Leesburg playing Gonzaga?
  16. Maybe it will be Cocoa vs Hoover
  17. Caziah is from Cocoa? I thought he was from Titusville?
  18. Not consistent but just great group, only 2 or 3 other NFL guys since the 80s Venice is ok they won’t beat the crap out of Cocoa that is for sure
  19. Amazing for small school. they were on 12-14 teams. Lost to State Champion Booker T Washington in semi final each year
  20. 11 Seniors on the max preps roster...big loss is Gaines i am sure The coaches hope that Raines stays in 4A so they can have a chance to beat them, not try to avoid them hopefully some LB and DB transfer in because the defense was bad Program was built to last
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