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  1. My biggest concern for Lakeland coming into the year was how were they going to replace guys like Jean and Summerall on the DL? I only saw Lakeland once last year and it was in the win over STA in the ship. And that kicker was lights out in that game.
  2. How do you think Lakeland's team stacks up against last year's Lakeland team?
  3. Hardee St.Aug STA Armwood Lakewood Bart Trail Vero Beach Apopka Columbia Mainland Dunnellon Hialeah
  4. I'm looking forward to that possible Escambia vs Columbia playoff matchup.
  5. I know that Rent Montie kid has been putting up big numbers in the passing game for the Tornadoes. I think I'd probably take CLW in the rematch as well, depending on the conditions.
  6. Should be an interesting matchup. I'm kinda hoping it's Clearwater rather than Largo but I think it will be a good matchup either way.
  7. Eye popping terrible loss to an inferior team? C'mon man! That lose was a 2OT road game at the #5 team in the state of Georgia. That's just a nonsense comment.
  8. By your estimation, how many "good" teams are there in the state?
  9. Ole Fishspinners with a poopy 5-5 week. 26-14 now.
  10. This one was a big surprise to me. This is the best Palmetto defense I've ever seen and I'm kinda shocked by the score. The local papers only showed the score and didn't offer much of a story line as to what was going on with Palmetto Fri night. Were players out? Did they decide to play the young guys because they've already locked up a playoff spot? Maybe Lincoln just had one of those nights were the ball just bounced their way? I'll have to take a ride to the barbershop tomorrow and see if someone knows the scoop. I do know this Palmetto team is legit and should make a deep run in the playoffs.
  11. MC Apopka Lakewood Palmetto Escambia Raines Desoto Co Dunnellon Deland BV
  12. You're never going to see me trying to dime some team out for cheating. But if you don't think some form of cheating is going on at most of the traditional powerhouse schools, then you're naïve.
  13. Some teams are way better at "cheating" than others.
  14. Ole Fishspinners 7-3 in week 9 and now 21-9
  15. UC VB AH CA Venice Dill STA Tech Madarin Riverview
  16. Ga has had their way with most Fla teams they've played this season. Armwood losing in 2OT on the road to a very good Ga team is hardly a knock. But yea, Armwood hasn't been able to get over the hump against Dade teams in State Title games in awhile.
  17. I used RPI to say their schedule wasn't weak. I didn't say they were a good team because of their RPI.
  18. 5th best RPI in 7A. Which translates into a solid state schedule. Wouldn't you say that Hillsborough Co is at the very least, a top five football county in the state?
  19. The Lakeland/Armwood game should be pretty epic. I haven't had a chance to see Edgewater yet but I've seen STA, Lakeland, and Armwood in person this season. After the eye test, I have STA #1 followed by Lakeland then Armwood but it's really close IMO. I think anyone of those teams could beat each other on a given night.
  20. That's an interesting take about Bloomingdale not beating anyone good. I don't think they have much of a shot at beating Lakeland but they're certainly a solid team.
  21. That's a fair point but there were a lot of teams ranked behind Columbia that I think are better.
  22. I'm not counting Columbia out but I certainly wasn't buying their #3 ranking either. They probably have about as good a shot as any team in the North at making a trip to the finals.
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