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  1. 1) Cham 2) Norland 3) Central 4) Cocoa 5) STA 6) Venice 7) BTW 8) Lake Mary 9) AHP 10) Seminole 11) Homestead 12) Edge 13) Armwood 14) Mainland 15) Mia Palmetto 16) Buchholtz 17) St Aug 18) Columbus 19) CCC 20) Lakeland 21) Treasure Coast 22) Cardinal Newman 23) Jesuit 24) Bishop Verot 25) Hawthorne
  2. Guess Lakeland still sore about their loss to CA………lol
  3. Nothing like area grown talent playing together thru the years, then rewarded!!!! Hmmmmm wasn’t this the way it was 30 yrs ago???????
  4. It’s really hard to believe this is the last week of the regular season! HSFB takes forever to arrive then blink your eyes……..The post season is going to b full of great play & surprises!!!!! I’ll b up in Tally for all 9 finals!!!!!
  5. 1) Cham 2) Norland 3) Central 4) Cocoa 5) STA 6) AHP 7) Venice 8) BTW 9) Homestead 10) Edge 11) Mainland 12) Seminole 13) Lake Mary 14)Armwood 15) Palmetto (Mia) 16) Buchholtz 17) St Aug 18) Columbus 19) CCC 20) NW 21) Lakeland 22) Treasure Coast 23) Jesuit 24) Bishop Verot 25) Hawthorne
  6. What happened to the top 25 this week?
  7. Vero looks are imposing. Big, athletic, fast……then they play!!!! They play soft, undisciplined, & confused. They’re imposters. At least in last nights game. The penalties that both teams continued to have are first & second week penalties!!!! If the opposing teams don’t beat them in the postseason, they’ll beat themselves with their undisciplined play. Game was hard to watch.
  8. Panthers have been, I’ll put it nicely, really bad this year. Ridge isn’t by far a good win but probably Dwyers best game of the year…….STA would 50 them, Creek would 45 them….lol
  9. That was gonna b my post! If Castle was on the sideline, maybe the couple players that got in the initial scuffle woulda went at it, but I guarantee you it WOULD HAVE ENDED THERE! When players don’t fear their coach(respect&fear), they gonna do what they want! FURTHER MORE, in a rival game, especially with your opponent having a crap season, WHAT COACH doesn’t warn his players of that potential & WARN them if any punches thrown, in your selfishness, you’re off the team. I’ve heard Coach Smith, STA, more than once tell his players that!
  10. I’ve been in the Friday night stands in Fla since 1978. Ive seen(& coached) Dillard a hundred times, literally. Ive never seen such a horrible display of football in my 40+ years at Dillard games. Believe me when I say this, if you know Dillard’s brain trust, these coaches are gone!!!! The coaches looked as lifeless as the players. I mean NO EMOTION. NONE!!!! Ive seen Ely twice this year & they look horrible. Right now I’d pick them over Dillard in the Soul Bowl. When they were getting their butts kicked by Norland & Creek, the coaches were all up on the players & in their face…….
  11. SMH BRO……ANYWHO Ill b top row on the 50 if u ain’t roaming the fence. When STA HOsted Miramar the gates didn’t open till after 6:30. There was a big crowd by then. Dillards 2 crème puffs they played ain’t gonna hurt their performance tonight. If anything they got used to the end zone again which I hope continues Friday night!!!
  12. Pretty tired of people still blaming St Thomas like they were in with the refs to throw the game. Put it to effing bed!!!!
  13. I’d still put Central at 3. Aquinas on the road this week wasn’t dominant. Would Central beat Monarch by more? Yes. I like Gibbons at 10! Everyone beneath them I believe they’d beat or have already. (Creek?). Saw Heritage vs Naples. Their D was wore out by the 4th qtr.Had a 31-3 halftime lead. Their passing game was better than average, but that won’t fly in the state semi’s. Their smallest lines ever(DL & OL), but fast. Special teams good. Wouldn’t beat Norland or Central. Dillard has a chance to jump up a bit, or a lot this Friday.
  14. 1) Cham 2) Norland 3)Central 4) AHP 5) Cocoa 6) STA 7) Venice 8) BTW 9) Homestead 10) Edgewater 11) Mainland 12) Lake Mary 13) Buchholtz 14) Seminole 15) Mia Palmetto 16) Armwood 17) Columbus 18) St Aug 19) CCC 20) NW 21) Lakeland 22) Vero Bch 23) Jesuit 24) Bishop Verot 25) Hawthorne Honorable Recog: Williston
  15. They’re def not the favorite, esp if they’re off their home field.
  16. Loses don’t care who wasn’t playing. Loses don’t care how you lost. losses don’t care how much u lost by. Losses don’t care who you lost to. 3 losses are now officially a final. There are no asterisks by 3 losses. (see Central), Lakeland……..
  17. Brother I wouldn’t get near fantasy football!!!!!!! Hear ya loud & clear!!!!!
  18. Like it. I’d still have Central at 3. Lose to #1 team in the nation, who they lead till under a min. Lead Norland & collapsed, yet only lost by 3 in OT. Only lost to Cham by 3, # 4 in the country……Id fit NW in somewhere between 11-15???
  19. Although I don’t participate (it’s why I stopped betting, it ruins the night cause I’m more focused on W/L than the fun of the night), I agreed with all your picks! Hope I dont jinx u……
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