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  1. Wow! Great line up! Not a down week on the schedule.
  2. I like the home game vs Atlantic (Delray), & @ Chaminade.
  3. 7-3. Your D must have been great with all the talent Lakeland had! Rainey the HR threat! Always wondered what happened to Brown.
  4. In 1984, Rod Baker of Ely HS, rushed for 1,618 yds & was named Broward County offensive player of the year. He signed a letter of intent to University of Missouri. He was 5’11” 190lbs. He was arrested in 2 armed robberies in Pompano & Boynton Bch in March of “85”. One of the great ones that never made it. How bout in your counties?
  5. I see your frustration brother! Wait till the dust settles & root em on.
  6. Yeah that’s a lotta respect coming from Jess! Lol
  7. I heard that!!!! Haven’t communicated with Jesse since I been on here! Jesse knows they could win any & every class! Right Jesse?
  8. Was about to post 3a today. Hands down Region 3 the most competitive. 2a I agree with your choice also. Lotta state championships in that region, although I’d b surprised if any team comes close to TC. LIVING in So Flo, I love keeping up with 1a but Pahokee is about our only representative, & they’re usually pretty good.
  9. Coach Pinders wins & loses are spectacular but the young ladies she reached from Franklin to Washington Park, from Sistrunk to 27th etc, is what she called her “Hall of Fame”! A great woman that will b missed.
  10. Chiefs gotta a good team this year?
  11. How’s the Raiders gonna b this year? Been awhile.
  12. Region 4: BTW, Cardinal Gibbons, Guliver Prep, Carol City, Miami Pace, Univ school(?), Calvary Chapel.
  13. I think if your team is a borderline playoff team, it’s always better to play a game. If you’re a top team, where home field is essential, I might skip it.......
  14. Can’t find a tough district(help?). So went to regions. Region 3 might b the weakest Region 4a-8a. The winner of Region 4(AH, Central) will roll to the finals. I like Region 2: Rockledge, BM, Dunnelon.
  15. BTW, that’s a pretty weak schedule! Gibbons & Dillard the toughest games. No out of state team. No 305. No Deerfield.
  16. STA takes advantage of other teams mistakes like no other team in the state. They were outplayed a few times last year. Their offense was average. Defensive TD’s along with special teams scores, doomed their opponents, other than Gibbons. If the Panthers can keep their PENALTIES down, they’ll b in the game. Kelly #9, is the best DE in the state.
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