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  1. Joshua Wilson

    Back Up

    Apparently the server company decided to cut the server off on me yesterday not because of a failed payment because my bank decided to change out cards (I thought I had it setup ACH, but that wasn't the case) and I forgot (with a very busy May) and instead of emailing me properly they just turned it off, but things are back on now. Hopefully I won't have to deal with that again for a very long time. But we are back up... so I apologize for that.
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  2. Cat_Scratch

    Rockledge @ Jones

    I feel your pain... Son played football for Cocoa. I graduated from Rockledge 71.
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  3. I know where that is proposed to be built. I've even played on the football field that PDI is redoing. Most of that sports complex has been there for years. Used to host the spring games for the Astro's in the 70's and few other teams through out the years. IMG even played some baseball tournaments there. The football field was just a by product for the baseball players to mess around on. It is an outstanding facility.
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  4. Cocoa has the last 2 superbowl rings with Javian Hawkins getting one with the Rams.
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  5. Well Cocoa recently had 3 in the draft with 2 more signing after the draft. Gardener and Dean both played in the NFL playoffs with Dean getting a Super Bowl ring. Not Bad for small 4A school.
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