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  1. If NM win their district is by default.. They will get blown out by any team down south.. I spitting facts...
  2. They ain’t beat CG.. They about to be 1-2 in 2 mins.. Idk calling the plays or who’s teaching these kids but their fundamentals are terrible..
  3. 2 3 tier teams playing.... Some good athletes but nothing special ..
  4. North Miami 0 Jackson 12 4th Jackson just scored .. Im at the game.. Defensive battle...
  5. I agree I don’t think the kid ever played it or coach it lol... I was happy punta verda played a good game against AHP... Unlike Baker county complaining the following g year..
  6. No.. Ponta Verda wasn’t scared of AHP and brought it all day and that’s why I respect punta verda..
  7. Well for my canes no qb.. Still lacking on depth and we need a true O.C.
  8. Oh ok hmmmmm so what will this incomplish? Mine as well make the elite teams play against the elite teams all year.. Have a separate district for them..
  9. You sure the score wasn’t 36-6? That was doing Hurricane Irma?
  10. No I’m not diminishing nothing.. That was a solid win from y’all boyz. But don’t make it seem Western and Jackson are world beaters...
  11. Are you sure that’s the same western team from last year? How many players they return from that playoff team last year?
  12. I go by when the clock strikes triple 0... Don’t matter how close you play them through each quarter.. Lol I’m pretty sure Dillard’s players don’t care about no moral victories..
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